Summer Clouds

Whitman College



"The fly-in was an experience that I will always remember as my introduction to Whitman. The summer fly-in allowed me to have knowledge of all the resources available to me and to have friends and mentors on my first day here."

Isaiah Banta ‘20

"The Fly-in gave me an excellent introduction into the campus resources, with the addition of gaining new friendships that I continue to have today."

Eduardo Cabrera ‘20

"In coming to Whitman, I can say without a shadow-of-a-doubt that the most important experience I had prior to heading here was the Summer Fly-In program. Being both a First Generation/Working Class and Transfer student, the program not only immersed me in what community life at Whitman would be like, but also gave me an amazing core group of friends."

Ryan Garrett ‘18

"The Summer Fly-in program has been essential to my college experience. Coming from marginalized backgrounds already put me at a disadvantage when I came to this very rich, white school, so the Fly-in program made it possible for me to be knowledgeable of campus resources, build relationships with other students and faculty, and find a place for myself at Whitman."

Adyiam Kimbrough ‘19

"The Fly-In Program gave me a head start in establishing a supportive and compassionate group of friends on campus. Since the day I stepped on campus for orientation back in August, I felt excited and confident as I began my college career with such a wonderful support system, knowing that I was accompanied by several other FGWC students who already knew and accepted me."

Ellery Nelson ‘20

"The Fly-In was an integral part of feeling at home at Whitman- without it, I wouldn't have felt as comfortable with the campus or as confident making new connections in my first year. Coming to orientation felt more like coming back to a familiar place, rather than being overwhelmed by new people and experiences."

Donovan Olsen ‘19

"The leaders this summer made me see how successful and happy I could become at Whitman, and overall they became a very friendly resource to relieve any anxiety I had transitioning into my first year in college."

Emily Rigsby ‘20