There are several residential interest houses at Whitman that focus on foreign language learning, raising diversity awareness, and expanding global awareness. Learn more about these interest houses by clicking the links below, or click here to learn how to apply to live in one of these houses.

  • Asian Studies

    The Asian Studies house focuses on Asian-oriented interests. Traditional events such as the Chinese New Year are celebrated here.

  • Das Deutsche Haus

    The Das Deutsche Haus focuses on German culture-oriented events. The house is affiliated with the German Department.

  • Global Awareness

    Residents of the Global Awareness House focus on raising campus awareness about world issues such as hunger, population, and human rights.

  • La Casa Hispana

    La Casa Hispana focuses on promoting the Spanish language and Spanish or Hispanic culture.

  • La Maison Francaise

    La Maison Francaise focuses on promoting French culture and is affiliated with the French Department.


    The MECCA (Multi-Ethnic Center for Cultural Affairs) House focuses on raising diversity awareness on Whitman’s campus by celebrating and promoting different cultures.

  • Tekisuijuku

    Tekisuijuku focuses on Japanese-oriented interests and is affiliate with the Japanese department.