Whitman College strives to acknowledge and embrace religious diversity on campus. While the College doesn’t have a formal policy on religious observance, some students may make a personal decision to observe the holidays of their faith. In that instance, it will be the student’s responsibility to discuss with faculty members, well in advance, any conflicts which may arise with the student’s academic commitments and responsibilities, including class attendance. Faculty members who can make accommodation are encouraged to do so, if the accommodation doesn’t result in an unreasonable burden on the faculty member or in unfair treatment of other students. It is the faculty member’s prerogative, however, to decide whether or not any special accommodation can be made.

Should a conflict with regard to religious observance arise which cannot be resolved by the student and faculty member, it should be referred to the Department Chair. If it cannot be resolved at the departmental level, it should be referred to the Dean of the Faculty. In consultation with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, the offices of the Dean of Students and the Dean of the Faculty will provide information to the campus community about the major religious holidays represented in the college community.