During November of 2005 the Board of Trustees of Whitman College adopted the following statement:

"Diversity is fundamentally important to the character and mission of Whitman College. Diversity enriches our community and enhances intellectual and personal growth. We seek to provide a challenging liberal arts experience for our students that prepares them for citizenship in the global community. By sustaining a diverse community, we strive to ensure that all individuals are valued and respected and that intellectual and personal growth are enriched because of our differences."

Then in December of 2007:

The Trustees of the College created the Diversity Committee to advise and guide the College's diversity strategy and to translate the College's diversity commitments into specific actions. From this committee stemmed a Working Group of Faculty Retention (WGFRW) in 2012 to address issues related to faculty retention. WGFRW identified a number of key challenges and opportunities related to faculty retention. Following these findings, in 2014 Whitman Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Council (WIDE) was formed to include a cross campus look at diversity, equity and inclusion.

From 2014 - Current:

WIDE in collaboration with a cross section of community members helped institute the inaugural Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, execution of the campus climate survey, develop diversity tactics for the campus strategic plan, introduced intergroup dialogue and diversity innovation grants to the campus and a host of other initiatives.