WIDE Mission

The Whitman Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (WIDE) committee consists of a broad range of faculty, staff and students who work in collaboration to proactively advise the President of the college around issues of Diversity and Inclusion. This committee members make a multi-year commitment and meet bi-weekly either as an entire group or in subcommittees to execute the work of WIDE. This committee works in close partnership with community members to offer ideas, strategies, and actions that reflect a broad range of voices in our community. The WIDE committee seeks to actively develop an inclusive climate and institutional culture that supports and rewards diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Wide Chair

Helen Kim, Associate Dean of Faculty

WIDE Committee Members

Rich Hinz
Antonia Keithahn
Kelsey Martin
Veronica Ortiz
Monica Chapman

Helen Kim
Amy Dodds
Justin Lincoln
Marina Ptukhina

Phyllis Pawa
Tejas Raj

Student Emergency Funding

Amy Dodds, Phyllis Pawa, Tejas Raj, Justin Lincoln

This committee is developing a central place for students to go who are looking for emergency funding.

  1. Include resources from Financial Aid, Dean of Students Office, Intercultural Center
  2. Students can apply online
  3. Have a landing page that describes the process and qualifications/parameters of funding ie. some sources can’t pay for rent

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Campus Climate

Antonia Keithahn, Veronica Ortiz, Monica Chapman

This committee will develop a webpage where the Dean of Students, Provost and Diversity & Inclusion office can share regular updates on campus incidents to provide transparency and clarity to the Whitman Community.

Faculty & Staff Training

Helen Kim, Kelsey Martin, Rich Hinz, Marina Ptukhina

This committee will be responsible for developing and planning an annual all staff and faculty training day in January and an additional day in the Fall that will work to build cultural competencies in the Whitman Community.


Community Learning Days

This two-day training from Jan. 2021 is focused on building cultural competencies through multiple discussion formats including an interdisciplinary panel and individual workshops on disability, invisible labor, and LGBTQIA+ identities. The videos below are external links and require a Whitman account to access. 

Day One – Jan. 14, 2021

Foundation Workshops

Day Two – Jan. 15, 2021

Dialogue Workshops