26 Boyer Ave., between Boyer House and the Whitman Dance Studio. 

  • Provide a safe but open and social space for all members of the Whitman community to utilize with the ultimate goal of extending social networks, increasing awareness of differences on campus and working to bridge these differences. 
  • Host meetings and gatherings for campus clubs and organizations.
  • Host public events in an intimate setting that will bring together a large cross-section of the Whitman student body, faculty, staff and the Walla Walla community.
  • Provide opportunities for campus-wide collaboration between individuals as well as different campus departments and academic programs. Facilitate discussions related to diversity and the Whitman experience.
  • Host academic classes and seminars.
  • Provide another private space on campus for meditation, reflection and spiritual and religious practices.
  • Provide a fully equipped kitchen for clubs and organizations to make and host meals.
  • Provide a space for studying, relaxing, watching movies or tv and playing board games.

The Glover Alston Center is open seven days a week from 8am to 5pm when classes are in session. The Center is accessible only via a valid Whitman ID card.

All Whitman students, staff, faculty and their community partners are invited to use the Glover Alston Center. The Walla Walla community is also warmly invited to attend public events and programs.

  • All furniture pieces must be returned to their original positions in their original rooms.
  • All trash and recycling must be deposited in designated containers located throughout the GAC.
  • The GAC should be returned to its original condition after all events. There are no custodial services at the GAC, so each group must take responsibility for cleaning up. Supplies are available under the sink in the kitchen, while a vacuum, brooms, and more supplies can be found in the cupboard at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Security should be contacted immediately at 509-527-5777 in the case of biohazardous waste (bodily fluids).
  • Any damage to GAC facilities should be reported right away.
  • If you plan on having alcohol at an event, refer to the Whitman College policy https://www.whitman.edu/conferences-events-and-scheduling/alcohol-policy, and make note of it in your reservation request.
  • Remove all food items from the kitchen upon leaving the GAC. If you would like to leave items to share in the fridge or cupboards, please label it accordingly.
  • Please hand wash dishes, or load them into the dishwasher. GAC staff will run the dishwasher.
  • Lighting candles and/or incense will not be permitted in the GAC.

Inability to adhere to the GAC Reservation Agreement may result in the loss of privileges for the responsible organizations and individuals to reserve and utilize facilities at the GAC. We welcome any inquiries to be directed to gacreservation@whitman.edu or to the IC Program Advisor Dorothy Mukasa, 509-527-4319.

The Intercultural Center currently host the following weekly events in the GAC:

  • Fridays 12:00 - 1:00pm - "Continuing the Conversation" series - a continuation of the Power and Privilege Symposium that happens in the spring.

No; there are no future plans to turn the Glover Alston Center into a residence.

The Glover Alston Center is staffed by the Intercultural Center Associate Director during the day and a team of student building managers who are present in the evenings.

All Whitman College policies regarding alcohol, drugs, and conduct apply.

A current set of house rules governing use of the Glover Alston Center is posted in the Center. These rules encourage respect for others and individual responsibility. These rules also hold clubs and organizations accountable for their use of the Center, especially with regard to cleanliness and respect for Center property.