front view of the GAC

The Glover Alston Center is a resource to facilitate Whitman’s commitment to sustaining a diverse community. By providing a safe space for meaningful conversation and interaction, the Glover Alston Center welcomes and supports differences, collaborates with academic departments, encourages input from divergent perspectives, enhances intercultural and international awareness, and models respect for all in the Whitman community. The Glover Alston Center achieves this by serving as:

  • A unique place for programs to develop understanding, and community involvement.
  • A place where conversations about diversity, difference, multiculturalism and social justice occur.
  • A social and academic space for collaboration between members of the Whitman community.
  • A meeting place and home for campus organizations and clubs.
  • An open space for meditation, contemplation, and reflection. 

With this facility, the Whitman community hopes to foster meaningful exchanges between individuals and groups for the greater understanding and mutual respect of one another by encouraging engagement, leadership development and learning.

The Glover Alston Center is located near the west side of the campus, at 26 Boyer Ave.

You can find the offices of Greg Lecki, Director of International Student and Scholar Services