David Nord Award Poster

David Nord Award

Please join us for the 2014 David Nord Award Presentations on Monday, April 28 at 5pm in Kimball Auditorium. Come celebrate the work of Benjamin Roberson and Sean Mulloy on timely queer topics.

Benjamin Roberson will present:
"Sexuality at Whitman, the Untold Story: the Evolution of GLBTQ Discourse at Whitman College"
Advisers: Melissa Salrin, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian and Dan Martensen, Systems and Applications Librarian

Sean Mulloy will present:
"United States c. Windsor: Rethinking Victory, Normalcy, and Assimilation"
Adviser: Jack Jackson, Assistant Professor of Politics

About The David Nord Award:
The David Nord Award is an annual prize given for projects which address critical issues facing queer communities through a variety of creative and scholarly mediums.

I Am Divine Film Screening

I Am Divine Film Screening

In efforts to raise awareness and advocacy for drag culture at Whitman, on April 17th, 2014 Whitman GLBTQ hosted the screening of "I Am Divine," a documentary about Harris Glenn Milstead, also known as Divine. This film documents his story from the early days in Baltimore as a misfit youth through his rise to infamy as a cult superstar; his struggle for family acceptance and his accomplishments in the Drag and GLBTQ community.