The Theme of Freedom Songs 2022: Freedom Sings: Art is Our Resistance

As a tribute to all the people who are fighting for their freedom all over the world, Freedom Songs Executive Team has created the theme “Freedom Sings: Art is our Resistance".  We are born free, and yet the more we live, the more oppression tries to silence our freedom. Everyday people from many countries show and prove that freedom cannot be taken away, because it has a voice. 

When our voices unite, it can be a painful cry, a parade chant, or a triumphant anthem. We sign our wounds, our victories, our love, and our rage. Our song, almost like a wave, crashes every obstacle on its way to clear the ground for new foundations. Our song, almost like a bright sun ray, gets through the darkness on the dullest of days. Our songs bring hope, the seeds of freedom, for the empty soil we fought for.

Freedom always sings. Freedom is the Art of our resistance.

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