Thanks to the leadership and generosity of Whitman’s lead donors, our campaign has been launched with great momentum, and our sense of purpose as an institution has been reinvigorated.


“I am proud to lead this campaign and hope that you will join me in increasing your support for the College in order to fund these important initiatives. Now is the time for those of us who love and admire this college to pay it forward and help fulfill the Whitman promise for current and future students.”
John W. Stanton ’77, Campaign Chair 



“A Whitman education imbues our graduates with a passion for lifelong learning and gives them the skills and motivation to become leaders in their communities and the world. This campaign is about both continuity and change – it will reinforce our traditional strengths in academics and personal relationships and will transform the opportunities available to our students. Our alumni and friends will make this transformation possible – together, our leadership today will write Whitman’s history for years to come.”
George S. Bridges President of Whitman College


Whitman College Campaign Committees

Campaign Steering Committee

John W. Stanton ’77, Chair
Lewis J. Hale ’70, Vice Chair
Robert Spencer Ball ’64
Susan E. Buxton ’85
Sonya Christianson Campion ’83
Megan Ferguson Clubb ’79
John C. Coleman, Jr. ’73
Nancy Bell Evans ’54
Andrew U. Ferrari ’68
Karen E. Glover ’72
Richard E. Hunter ’65
Leigh Ann Lucero ’91
Patricia Bates Mattingley ’70
Marshall K. McReal ’84
Lawrence B. Stone ’77
Michelle Mathieu Rubesch ’92
Denise Garvey Tabbutt ’87
Peter van Oppen ’74
Elizabeth Main Welty

Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho Campaign Committee

Karen Elder Pribilsky '58 Co-Chair
Wilber E. Pribilsky '55 Co-Chair
Lawrence B. Stone ’77, Co-Chair
David W. Wyckoff ’67, Co-Chair
Robert W. Carmody ’75
Jennifer Brown Coleman ’78
Mary Jane Corliss '71
James K. Hayner
Hal H. Hunt ’55
Sarah Swanson Michelson ’82
Richard E. Odegard ’62
Elizabeth Main Welty

Northeastern Seaboard Campaign Committee

Lawrence L. Drake ’65, Co-Chair
Heather Havens Myers ’87, Co-Chair
Vojislav S. Andjelkovic ’94
Scott M. Kilpatrick ’03
Jeffrey A. N. Kopczynski ’00
Nola Schatzel Kulig ’81
Patrick C. Turner ’82

Southeastern Seaboard Campaign Committee

Andrew U. Ferrari ’68, Chair
Charlotte Bibb Hammond ’79
Stephen E. Hammond ’79
Kieta R. Mall ’89
Katie Wilson McBreen ’02
Walter C. Minnick '64

Northern California Campaign Committee

John C. Coleman, Jr. ’73, Chair
Darrell W. Baggs ’67
Anna C. Brady ’99
Michael J. Mahoney ’82
Denise Savoie ’80
Gregory R. Serrurier
Nancy B. Serrurier
Louise L. Stephens ’07
Timothy F. van Oppen ’70
Michael S. Wert '06

Portland Metro Campaign Committee

Robert S. Ball ’64, Co-Chair
Bradley M. McMurchie ’84, Co-Chair
Robert A. Hinnen ’91
Gordon H. Keane, Jr. ’68
Sally Clarke Landauer ’61
William B. Lazar
Carolyn Vester McMurchie ’54
Jack McMurchie ’53
David Nierenberg
Terrence R. Pancoast ’65
Sara K. Running ’82

Southern California Campaign Committee

James H. De Meules ’67, Co-Chair
Richard E. Hunter ’65, Co-Chair
Michelle Segal Greer ’82
Robert L. Johnson ’65
Michael W. Phillips ’70
Peter S. Schoenlaub ’77
Peter L. Viehl ’87

Western Washington Campaign Committee

Nancy Bell Evans ’54, Co-Chair
Karen E. Glover ’72, Co-Chair
James K. Anderson, Jr. ’58
Sonya Christianson Campion ’83
Jeffrey A. Christianson ’79
Megin Flaherty Edwards ’97
Thomas S. Gorton
Thomas B. Luce ’00
Carla Ashby Nichols ’69
Dean Allen Nichols ’70
Thomas H. Oldfield ’67
Sally J. Otten ’79
Charles W. Rosenberry, II ’81
Denise Garvey Tabbutt ’87
Peter van Oppen ’74