Access and Affordability

Goal: $50 million

Financial Aid by the numbers

Students receiving aid: 81%

Total scholarships awarded: $23,000,000

Average need per student: $29,000

Average need-based scholarship: $21,000

Average indebtedness at graduation: $17,000

More than any other factor, the availability of financial aid, particularly scholarships, profoundly influences students’ decisions about which school to attend. In order to recruit, enroll, and retain talented, high-achieving, and diverse students, Whitman must aggressively build a comprehensive financial aid program that ensures a Whitman education is accessible to all who are offered admission.

Increasing the amount of scholarship aid that is permanently endowed will help level the playing field between Whitman and the schools with which we compete most frequently for students.

Scholarship investments in Whitman College students will pay dividends for years to come as recipients become leaders in business, education, the arts, science, nonprofit organizations, and government service.


Increase access and affordability

By increasing our endowments dedicated to scholarships, Whitman can meet the growing need for financial aid, compete for the best and brightest applicants, and ensure that its transformative education remains accessible to the finest students from all backgrounds.

Endow need-based aid

A Whitman education is too important and too valuable to be available only to those who have the means to attend. Increasing our endowment resources for need-based scholarship will perpetuate our distinguished history of providing support for students from middle and lower-income families.

Bolster merit-based scholarships

Merit scholarships help us recognize and recruit potential leaders and bring those with demonstrated talent to our campus.