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Please review our format below. Please note that the semester invoice does not include course fees, books, or other miscellaneous charges.

Mouse over areas of the invoice marked with this icon Magnifying glass icon to learn more about your invoice.

These are for listing changes you made to the information above. Write in each item’s description and yearly amount.

If you’re a new student, this amount will be $0. If you’ve had a semester or more at Whitman, you may owe us some money from last semester, in which case you’ll add that amount to your payment for the coming semester. Alternately, a negative sign means you have a credit balance which may be subtracted from your payment.

Here’s what you need to send for fall semester. If this amount is $0 or a negative balance, no payment is due. But if you made any additions or corrections, please scan and return your invoice to us at StuAcct@whitman.edu.

Here’s where your charges should appear. Living on campus? You should see a Room Charge. Are you adding/changing a meal plan? Make that change on my.whitman.edu and write in the difference below.

This section should match your financial aid award letter (besides work study, which is intentionally NOT included). Is anything missing? If so, send a note to FinAid@whitman.edu and include the missing item in “Additional Credits” below.

Read the first paragraph and initial

Your name and student ID number.

There are two options for paying your tuition. Please choose one and check the appropriate box.

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