The Whitman College Alumni Association Faculty Award for Service is given yearly to a faculty member who has distinguished himself/herself in service to the Alumni Association. Although this service may take any number of forms, the underlying theme involves strengthening and maintaining ties between the College and its alumni. Examples of service include participation in alumni gatherings, both on and off campus, and assistance in the planning/implementation of alumni events.

Recipient for 2013 is Delbert Hutchison

Delbert Hutchison was honored for his commitment to strengthening ties between the college and its alumni by leading alumni trips.

2013 Faculty Award for Service, Delbert HutchisonHutchison, or “Hutch” as he is fondly known around campus, joined the Whitman faculty in 1999. He currently serves as chair of the biology department and specializes in genetics and evolutionary biology.

He has led alumni association trips far and wide: from exploring the biodiversity of the Galápagos Islands, to boating down the Amazon River, to venturing on safari in Africa – “world-class destinations with world-class people.”

“One cannot overlook the camaraderie and fun of meeting new people and renewing older relationships,” Hutchison said. “The people make or break the trip, and traveling with Whitman alumni is always smooth sailing and good times.”

Hutchison has also participated in Summer College, an opportunity for alumni to bond with current faculty by returning to Whitman for a week of intellectual stimulation centering on a liberal arts theme.

“Whitman folks are upbeat, curious, passionate and fun to be around. I’m inspired by their love of the college – those of us here at this time must do all we can to maintain the great work of those that have gone before so that current students leave feeling the same way.”