The official mascot of Whitman College is the Missionary, in honor of missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman for whom the school is dedicated.

The mascot of the Missionary was designated by Rev. Eells when he created the school in honor of the Whitmans. Over time, to make it more fitting for sports teams, it became termed the Fighting Missionary. The icon came about when Bob Worrall ’52 was editor of the 1951 Waiilatpu yearbook and decided it was time to design a picture to match the name. Worrall says, “’Marc-the Fighting Missionary’ is not intended to symbolize the great Dr. Marcus Whitman as such, rather the caricature is symbolic of the Whitman spirit from Dr. Whitman through the early history of Whitman College to the present moment…In times such as these, when unrest and bitterness boils the world over, a symbol is needed as a constant reminder to all that as long as that symbol remains, truth and freedom will also prevail.”

Many student drawings were submitted and the Angelus-Pacific Company of Los Angeles prepared the final caricature.

The traditional Whitman Missionaries image/logo is not used today. Please click here to view the College's approved logos.

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