Dear Member of the Class of 2016,

Kirsten Adams Gable '01On behalf of the Whitman College Alumni Association, it is my pleasure to congratulate you on your graduation and to welcome you to our membership! While you have spent your last several years closely linked to the Whitman College campus in Walla Walla, your Whitman community just got a lot bigger. As you are no longer a Whitman student, your participation in the Whitman community has entered a new phase and will extend far beyond the years you’ve spent in Walla Walla.

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to increase the connection alumni have with the College and provide opportunities to allow alumni to strengthen their bond with the College. I encourage you to take full advantage of the great programs and events that the Alumni Association sponsors and organizes. Our programs provide a great opportunity to connect with fellow Whitman alumni, share our common past and maintain a connection to the College.

Our Association sponsors events across the country to provide alumni with opportunities to connect through:

  • Career Networking
  • Social Events
  • Educational Programs
  • Cultural and Artistic Events
  • Outdoor Recreational Opportunities
  • Summer College
  • Reunions

Recently, the Alumni Association and Alumni Relations Office have spearheaded a campaign to better reach, serve, and engage graduates of the last decade -- which now includes you! The Young Alumni Advisory Councils are tasked with helping to build positive connections between Whitman and its young alumni in Seattle, Portland, and the Bay Area. I encourage you to become involved; it is a great way to provide your thoughts on ways the Alumni Association can continue to develop lasting relationships with young alumni.

If you have suggestions for alumni events in your area or ideas for improving communication, please let me know, contact the Alumni Office, or any member of the Alumni Board. Your suggestions are necessary to ensure we can continue to meet the mission of the Alumni Association.

I wish you all the best on your post-graduation endeavors and I hope to meet many of you at future alumni events.


Kirsten Adams Gable ’01
President, Board of Directors
Whitman College Alumni Association

P.S. Please be sure to keep Whitman updated on your whereabouts so we can keep you informed of the many exciting events and programs organized for you.