Attendees of Whitman College Summer College 2016 -- MUSIC

Summer College
June 16-19, 2016

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Alumni, parents and friends gathered for a weekend of learning and unforgettable experiences as we explore the world of music from a liberal arts perspective.

First Row: Joan Coburn Morris ’72, Keith Dukart ’06, Shari Lehman, Roberta Wolff Kerr ’74, Martie Philips Schilling ’50, Fran Felthouse Hurlow ’45

Second Row: Karen Sargent Hill ’72, Bonnie Taylor ’72, Paulette Cowen Johnson ’77, Joyce Muzzall, Jim Scott ’75, Wanda Tegnell Scott ’75, Melissa Mebane Hambleton ’80

Third Row: Robert Orr, Lynda Horney Orr ’60, Amy Hurlow ’80, Jim Kondek, Gayle Townsend ’80, Marsha Warner, Wayne Tilson ’72, Bert Hambleton ’80

Fourth Row: Dana Caldert ’76, Maureen Kennedy, Nancy Strehlow Karr ’79, David Kennedy ’61

Not Pictured: Evans Van Buren ’70