Summer College

2015 Summer College - June 25-28, 2015 - “If nature is your teacher, your soul will awaken.”  ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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2014 Summer College - June 25-28
In Vino Veritas

Photo Slide Shows of 2014 Summer College Events
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Opening Night
Sensory Evaluation Session
Vineyard Tour and Tasting
Food and Wine Pairing
Paul Gregutt Locavore Dinner
L'Ecole Vertical Tasting
Bicycle Winery Tour
Northstar Blending Experience
Mark Anderson Foundry Dinner
Myles Anderson Blind Tasting


PowerPoint Slide Presentations from 2014 Summer College 
(to view must open in Microsoft PowerPoint)

Roman Wine by Sarah H. Davies
Wine Sensory Evaluation by Jamie Kennedy '96
The Science Behind Wine Fermentation by Sara Belchik


Summer College Group Photo

2014 Summer College Group Photo

In Vino Veritas
2014 Summer College
June 25-28, 2014

Row 1: Mary Jo Stroh ’84 parent, Susan Erickson, Mark Odegard ’95, Kara Odegard, Michael Martin, Gordon Govens, Sue Griffith ’02 parent, Dana Caldart ’76, Wanda Tegnell Scott ’75, Jim Scott ’75 (kneeling), Kirstin Boyer ’88 (beside Wanda), Nancy Esterly (in front of Kristin), Daniel Esterly ’78, Rick Johnson, Peggy Johnson.

Row 2: Jim Stroh ’84 parent, Lindsey Erickson, Sharon Hopkins ’14 parent, Eugenie Ihle ’17 parent, Cindy Deshler ’17 parent, Peter Griffin ‘09, Brenna Willott ’98, Alice Hausner Hammond ’71, Patricia Shelton Stratton Heasler ’75, Laurence Ernst.

Row 3: Leah Bruhn ’17 parent, Nathan Ihle ’82 and ’17 parent, Sandy McClinton ’68, Tad Deshler ’17 parent, Jacqueline Bailey Kluksdahl ’56, Marsha Warner, Tricia Espedel ’14 parent (far right).

Row 4: Jonathan Bruhn ’17 parent, Rhoda Toulouse, Dominick Toulouse ’76, Barbara Sweany McClinton ’69, Guiseppe Cane, Peggy Nelson, Evans Van Buren ’70, John Sims ’14 parent.

Not pictured: Robin Clarke ’15 parent, Duncan Clarke ’15 parent, Kynda Curtis ’93, Henry ’61 and Patricia Forrest Huntsman ’61, Rich Wallis, Izaak Wierman.