Summer College • June 16-19, 2016

Presented in cooperation with the Music Department.
Join alumni, parents and friends for Summer College on the Whitman College campus as we take a look at “music” from a liberal arts perspective. Summer College includes intellectually challenging classes, lively discussions and outdoor exploration.

"Stay tuned" for more details!


"Scenes from Summer College 2015"


2015 Summer College Group Photo

2015 Summer College Group Photo

Row 1: Ann Willard Watts ’61, Joan Coburn Morris ’72, Karen Hill ’72, Bonnie Taylor ’72, Tobe Jensen ’65, Fran Felthouse Hurlow ’45, Amy Hurlow ’80, Susan Kadlec ’64, Martie Philips Schilling ’50.

Row 2: Wayne Tilson ’72, Laurie Low P14, Paulette Johnson ’77, Janice Freeman Sutter ’62, Judith Stone Cederblom ’65.

Row 3: Wesley Low P14, David Kennedy ’61/P’96, Maureen Kennedy P’96, Atley Ralston ’56, Shirley Bird Ralston ’57, Heidi Heidenreich ’65, Melissa Mebane Hambleton ’80/P’13.

Row 4: Paul Schuster ’83, Tracy Barrett, Christie Wolf ’01, Ellen Harbold Osteller ’72, Charles Hower ’57, JoAnn Knudson Hower ’57, Margot Hill P’86, Tim Hill ‘56/P’86, Chuck McFarland ‘62.

Row 5: Chuck Harrison, Maggie Haines ’72, Sue Davis Marineau ’57, Tom Marineau, Bettimae Metheny, Ted Watts ’63.

Row 6: Bert Hambleton ’80, Dana Caldart ’76, Frank Metheny ’57, Bill Rodgers ’71, Jim McKinlay ’72.