2019 - 2020 Volunteer Program Cohort

  • Austin Chiles ’22

    Austin Chiles ’22

    Adopt-A-Grandparent Program Leader

    Austin (he/him/his) is a sophomore Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology major from Bountiful, Utah who loves to kayak, bike, and swim. At Whitman, he is an Outdoor Program Trip Leader and a DJ at the campus radio station, KWCW, in addition to being the Adopt-A-Grandparent Co-Leader. Austin is super excited to continue playing poker with the residents at Oddfellows as well as making sure other students at Whitman are also able to make quality connections with the senior residents so close to campus. He is very excited to introduce students to community engagement as well as providing a network for community outreach here at Whitman.

  • Rudo Ndamba ’21

    Rudo Ndamba ’21

    Adopt-A-Grandparent Program Leader

    Rudo is a junior from Zimbabwe majoring in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology and minoring in Psychology. She developed a sense of devotion to community service as a beneficiary of an informal youth development program and wants to perpetuate such acts of service. She enjoys city life and traveling and hopes to live in a cosmopolitan city one day.

  • Ameliz Price-Dominguez

    Ameliz Price-Dominguez

    Whitman Teaches the Movement

    Ameliz grew up thirty minutes outside of Phoenix, Arizona in Chandler, Arizona. Here at Whitman she participates in The Mentor Program, Storytime, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, am a member of several affinity clubs, and am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. In her free time she enjoys Pilates and yoga because they help her to unwind at the end of the day. In her position this year, she is most excited about meeting with community leaders and strengthening Whitman's relationship with the Walla Walla community. A fun fact about her is that she has been through the Junior Achievement Program twice and was an AVID student back in grade school.

  • Andy Burnstein ’20

    Andy Burnstein ’20

    Whitman Teaches the Movement Program Leader

    Andy is a senior history major from Redmond, Washington. On campus you can find him singing with the a cappella group Schwa, registering people to vote, leading campus tours, or slaving over his thesis. In his free time, he loves singing and playing guitar, watching underrated indie rom-coms, and reading too much news. He is passionate about making sure that the next generation knows their country's history (especially the hard parts) so they don't repeat those same mistakes, and instead work to create a more equitable and just world. He is also passionate about exposing Whitman students to conversations about social justice and encouraging them to engage with the community to improve Whitman's relationship with Walla Walla. A fun fact about Andy is that his favorite music genres are indie-rock, folk, emo, and musical theatre - a weird combination to outside observers, but it makes sense to him!

  • Olivia Lipson

    Olivia Lipson

    Events & Reflection Program Leader

    Olivia is a sophomore from Norwalk, Connecticut. She is currently undeclared but thinking of double majoring in politics and economics. As the events and reflections program leader this year, she hopes to introduce more Whitman students to all the fun and fulfilling ways they can engage with the Walla Walla community through events like Service Saturday and Tri College Service Day. Besides being an intern for the SEC, Olivia is involved with the Whitman Chamber Choir, ASWC, club tennis, BMAC food pantry, the Buddy Program, eating a staggering amount of green apples, Whitman Teaches the Movement, and cooking five star meals with her housemates in the Community Service Interest House!

  • Jackie Jones ’22

    Jackie Jones ’22

    Spring Break Service Trips Coordinator

    Hello! My name is Jackie Jones and I am one of the co-interns for the Spring Break Engagement Trips (SBET). I'm from a small town in Colorado, and I'm an intended biology major with a chemistry minor. I love hanging out with friends, planning SBET, and Club Tennis! I am also involved in Peer Listeners and the Mentor Program. I participated in SBET last year and I had such an amazing time, so here I am with my great friend, Alejandra, hoping to provide many more students with a great first week of spring break! What are you doing during spring break?

  • Alejandra Wait ’22

    Alejandra Wait ’22

    Spring Break Service Trips Coordinator

    Hi everyone! My name is Alejandra and I am one of the co-interns for Spring Break Engagement Trips. I'm originally from Austin, Texas and I am an intended Environmental Studies-Sociology major. Jackie and I are super excited about planning the trips this year, because there are wide-ranging interests from students on campus such as education, immigration, incarceration, politics, agriculture, and natural resource restoration. Apart from my SEC job, I am on the Whitman Debate team and I work on sustainability efforts on and off campus. What are you doing this spring break?

  • Jess Boyers

    Jess Boyers

    Buddy Program Leader

    Hi! I'm Jess. I'm a Senior majoring in chemistry and minoring in French. Outside of academics, I coordinate the Buddy Program (woot woot!), co-facilitate Whitman's Unified Special Olympics soccer team, and am a co-captain of the Club Ski team. I joined the Buddy Program as a first year and felt a strong connection to the community that the program created. As the current intern, I aim to further encourage building strong relationships between Whitman students and community members and to promote inclusivity

  • John Smith ’20

    John Smith ’20

    Mentor Program Leader

    John Smith is a senior math major, psychology and race and ethnic studies minor, from Midland, Michigan. Over the summer, he taught mathematics at Brown Summer High School in Providence, and on campus, he is a Resident Assistant, as well as a volunteer in the Storytime program. As one of the interns for the Mentor Program, he is excited to get as many Whitman students as possible involved in making a big positive impact in Walla Walla's public schools.

  • Ellen Hom ’20

    Ellen Hom ’20

    Mentor Program Leader

    Ellen is a senior Biology Major with a Chemistry minor from Bellevue, Washington. Over the summer she worked in a Whitman Professor's lab, doing genetics and evolutionary developmental biology research. In her free time, she likes to watch Parks and Recreation, bake banana bread, and play with the dogs at the Blue Mountain Humane Society. Ellen has also participated in the Adopt-a-Grandparent and SCORE programs. At Whitman she also works as a tour guide in the Admissions Office. As a program leader this year, she is very excited to connect with the local elementary schools and work alongside other motivated and selfless Whitman students (like her co-intern, John Smith).

  • Audrey Benner ’20

    Audrey Benner ’20

    Classroom Connections Program Leader

    Audrey is a Senior Biology major from Vashon Island, Washington. When she isn't memorizing phylogenetic trees or amino acids, she loves exploring the outdoors and starting new art projects. Known to get into wholesome mischief, Audrey and her friends one Saturday night, set up a blanket fort in a group study room in the library, where they watched Netflix until the morning, and ran around the deserted floors. Audrey is passionate about education and giving students the extra emotional, social and academic support they need to succeed.

  • Julia Gratton ’20

    Julia Gratton ’20

    Storytime Project Leader

    Julia Gratton is a senior Mathematics major from Santa Cruz, California. In addition to Story Time, she participates in the BMAC Adult Literacy Tutoring program and is involved in the Sunrise Movement. Her favorite season is fall and you might catch her jumping in leaf piles when she thinks no one is looking. In her intern role, she is looking forward to listening to the interests and needs of the Walla Walla teachers and Whitman students who participate in Story Time.

  • Zidane Galant-LaPorte

    Zidane Galant-LaPorte

    SCORE Program Leader

    A Junior Sociology major from Central Oregon. She has served as the SCORE coordinator for the last two years, and will chant S-C-O-R-E at the drop off a hat. She is passionate about advocating for first years connecting and immersing themselves in the community before even starting at Whitman. After doing a SCORE as a first year, it has remained the best experience during her Whitman career. She plans to pursue rural community health and education post-Whitman.