Here at the Student Engagement Center we believe that working with the community is the cornerstone of fostering civic engagement in Walla Walla. We host numerous events and programs that contribute to the greater Walla Walla Valley and create experiential learning and service opportunities for students.

We value the relationships we build with community partners. If you are one of our partners - thank you! If you wish to become one, see the instructions below. We are always open to new ideas.

Let's Connect

If you're interested in volunteers, internships, or other partnerships with the SEC, read on:

  • Sign up for the Community Partner listserv by sending an email to communityservice@whitman.edu with your name and your organization.
  • Check to see if you are listed in our Community Volunteer Opportunities.
  • If you're interested in expanding or creating an education program with Whitman volunteers or tutors, contact School Programs Coordinator Susan Prudente.
  • If you're interested in one-time volunteers for a project during a service event such as Make a Difference Day or if you're curious about how to develop a regular program with Whitties who volunteer weekly or monthly, contact Community Service Coordinator Abby Juhasz.
  • Have new openings in your organization? You can post open jobs and internships to Handshake, the online job board for Whitman students.
  • If you have a substantive, academic year-long project, consider applying to host a student as part of the Community Fellow Program.
  • Finally, if you are supervising a Whitman intern, check out our Information for Supervisors.

Photos by Katy Laliotis '21