Summer Community OutReach Excursion (SCORE) for Incoming Students*


SCORE is one of Whitman's Immersions programs where first year students can get a jumpstart on their Whitman experience. Explore Walla Walla before classes — start with a SCORE! In addition to working with great non-profits and community organizations in town, you'll also see some beautiful sunsets, have a picnic dinner in the wheat fields (a Whitman must), eat the legendary Walla Walla burrito, get to know parks in town, and more, all before other first-years arrive. 

The excursions are student-led pre-orientation trips that allow incoming students to contribute to community service projects in the Walla Walla Valley and get to know their fellow teammates through hard work and lots of fun. SCORE participants volunteer at a project each day and go on field trips to non-profits to gain an understanding of the social issues that affect our community. Evening activities provide opportunities for fun and reflection for the new students and leaders. Students will be housed at nearby churches and will cook most meals together.

*The Fall 2020 SCORE program has been cancelled due to COVID-19