Meet the 2018-19 leaders of the student-led community service programs:

  • AJ Ames

    AJ Ames

    Adopt-A-Grandparent Program Leader

    AJ is a junior anthropology major from San Francisco, California. This past summer she worked as a camp counselor and is excited to return to Whitman, where she also works in the bookstore and is the VP of Programming for her sorority, Delta Gamma. As a program leader this year, she is excited to connect with people and help them better understand what community service is. In particular, AJ is excited to connect students with residents, allowing them to form relationships that result in mutually rewarding experiences outside of the norm of their regular schedules. 

  • Ashley Weibel

    Ashley Weibel

    Bilingual United Program Leader

    Ashley is a senior psychology major, Spanish minor from Longmont, Colorado who has just returned to campus after studying abroad in Granada, Spain in Spring 2018. At Whitman, she is also a tutor through the Academic Resource Center and participates in chorale. As a program leader this year, she is excited to meet and support a variety of people who share her passions - Spanish and education!

  • Bryn Hines

    Bryn Hines

    Whitman Teaches the Movement Program Leader

    Reid 219

    Bryn is a senior anthropology major from Spokane, Washington. At school, she works in a kindergarten classroom and is a member of Delta Gamma. Bryn is also involved in the Buddy Program and America Reads America Counts, As a program leader, she loves playing an active role in the local community and believes that education is one of the most powerful tools in advancing civil rights. 

  • Isaac Miller

    Isaac Miller

    Events & Reflection Program Leader

    Isaac is a senior politics major, chemistry minor from Seattle, Washington who loves to bake banana bread. At Whitman, he is also involved with the SCORE program and is an English Language Fellow. As a program leader this year, Isaac is excited to use the triangle of service to inform his decisions. 

  • Isabel Smoyer

    Isabel Smoyer

    Spring Break Service Trips Coordinator

    Isabel is a senior history major from Mill Valley, California who loves to bake. At Whitman, she is also participates in the Story Time Project, Zumba, and is involved in the dance department. As a program leader, she is excited to facilitate the opportunity for other students to go on service trips and engage with the greater Walla Walla community. In addition to participating in the trips, Isabel is also looking forward to learning more about all the factors that go into organizing and planning the variety of trips that happen each spring. 

  • Jessica Boyers

    Jessica Boyers

    Buddy Program Leader (Spring 2019)

    Hi! I am from Davis, California and am a Junior majoring in Chemistry. Other than the Buddy Program, I am involved in the Club Alpine Ski Team. Regarding this position, I am most excited to build and strengthen my relationships with both the Community members and the Whitman students! This club brings me so much joy, and I am lucky just to be part of it and to know the others who are also involved!

  • Lyndsey Smith

    Lyndsey Smith

    Mentor Program Leader

    Lyndsey is a senior economics major, psychology minor from Arlington, Massachusetts who loves Arrested Development and cheese puffs. At Whitman, she also works at the library, plays IM Ultimate Frisbee, and participates in the Buddy Program. As a program leader this year, she is excited to learn more about the duties of the intervention specialists she works closely with as part of the Mentor Program. 

  • Maddy Gold

    Maddy Gold

    Whitman Teaches the Movement Program Leader

    Reid 219

    Maddy is a senior theater major, Spanish minor from Emeryville, California. A fun fact about her is that one time an entire flock of birds pooped on her! At Whitman, she is also a DJ for KWCW Radio, an IES Abroad Ambassador, a member of Alpha Phi, and participates in the drama club. This will be her third year working with Whitman Teaches the Movement and she is so excited to continue her work with the program. She is incredibly grateful for the guidance she as received as well as the skills she has gained in leadership and organization. Maddy deeply believes in the program - and everything it stands for - as a way to create positive change on our campus and in our community. She is so thankful to be associated with people making such positive change in Walla Walla as a community service program leader and feels inspired to learn all she can from this position and her fellow interns as she moves into her final year at Whitman.

  • Melanie Kirtland

    Melanie Kirtland

    Seniors Making Meals Program Coordinator

    Melanie Kirtland is a sophomore ES-Anthropology major and Geology minor from Nashville,Tennessee. As a SEC intern, she leads the Seniors Making Meals program at the Walla Walla Senior Center, which aims to teach valuable cooking skills and create inter-generational relationships between Whitman students and local senior citizens. On campus, she enjoys getting her hands dirty at the Organic Garden, climbing, and cooking up a storm at the Community Service Interest House.

  • Mika Nobles

    Mika Nobles

    Spring Break Service Trips Coordinator

    Mika is a senior English major from Austin, Texas who loves praying mantises. At Whitman, she also spends a lot of time working off-campus at organizations around Walla Walla. As a program leader this year, she is excited to be in charge of such an impactful and meaningful activity. 

  • Phyllis Pawa

    Phyllis Pawa

    Classroom Connections Program Leader

    Phyllis is an intended philosophy major, sociology minor, sophomore from Newton Center, Massachusetts. In high school she spent half of her senior year living on a bus and traveling throughout Southern Africa. At Whitman, she volunteers with Bilingual United in addition to Classroom Connections, and is also involved with the Hillel-Shalom organization. In Walla Walla, she works with the Girls Council and Community Accountability Board. As the Classroom Connections program leader this year, she is excited to get students involved supporting local students in schools, as well as strengthening the partnership with Willow Public School, which is just joining the program this fall. 

  • Teddy Larkin

    Teddy Larkin

    Mentor Program Leader

    Teddy is a senior geology major, art minor from Mercer Island, Washington who enjoys running, biking, and swimming. At Whitman, he is a captain on the varsity swim team and also a co-president of the cycling club. As a program leader this year, he is very excited to work in an office with such motivated and selfless people, as well as be in a position (with his partner Lyndsey) to run the Mentor Program the way he would like to see it be led.

  • Yuki Zhang

    Yuki Zhang

    Storytime Project Leader

    Yuki is a sophomore computer science major from Zhengzhou, China. At Whitman, she currently lives in the Community Service Interest House to stay further involved with volunteering in the community. As a program leader this year, she is excited to help other students at Whitman explore their community service interests. 

  • Zidane Galant-LaPorte

    Zidane Galant-LaPorte

    SCORE Program Leader

    Zidane is a sophomore sociology major, Spanish/history minor from Redmond, Oregon. A fun fact about her is that she was born in Sunnyside, South Africa! She loves running with her mom, doing yoga in the sun, and cooking with her housemates. At Whitman, she also works as a tour guide in the Admissions Office. As a program leader this year she is excited to expand and improve pre-orientation experiences and community engagement for first-years.