Applications are for the 2021 Spring Semester Whitman Internship Grant opens November 11th. Deadline to submit an application is Sunday, January 31st. 

What is the Whitman Internship Grant?

The Whitman Internship Grant (WIG) provides funding to students who secure an unpaid internship at small for-proft, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. Whitman Internship Grant may be provided for a semester, academic year, or summer experience. Any interested student must complete all WIG application materials in order to be considered for funding. To find current opportunities, browse the listing of WIG eligible internships on Handshake

If you are interested in posting an unpaid internship opportunity to hire a student, visit the Want to Hire a Whittie page. 

Application and Program Requirements

Any Whitman student who is eligible to work in the U.S. and is currently enrolled as a full time student may apply. International students who are a permanent resident or who has received OPT/CPT authorization may apply. For questions about OPT or CPT contact Greg Lecki. Interested applicants must first secure an unpaid internship prior to submitting an application for grant funding. For more information, see Semester and Academic Year Internship Funding. 

New program requirements include the completion of two prerequisites prior to applying for a WIG. These prerequisites are: 1) Applicants must meet with a Career Coach in the SEC to review, edit, and enhance their resume and 2) attend a WIG information session OR a SEC sponsored internship/career workshop. Find details of information session and eligible workshops on Handshake. 


Throughout the academic year, this page will be updated with the most current deadline for a semester, academic year, or summer application. For the 2021 Spring Semester WIG, applications will be made available on November 11th. Applications will close on January 13th. 

Legal Criteria for Unpaid Internships 

All internship opportunities must abide by the the Fair Labor Standards Act test for an unpaid internship before proceding to submit an application. It is the applicant's responsibility to confirm that their unpaid internship neets the legal criteria. For questions, contact Mitzy Rodriguez or Jennifer Lopez. 

Application Materials

The WIG application is a two-part process. To start, access the application materials here. After compiling all necessary documents, complete the google form linked in the application materials packet to submit. In the google form, you will need to upload the signed Student-Supervisor Contract. You are advised to communicate with your supervisor to discuss and sign the form before submitting. 

If you would like an alternative application or have any accessibility concerns, contact the SEC at


2021 Spring semester funding is $940. The funding amount will be distributed in equal monthly installments over the course of the internship. 


For questions or for more information, contact the SEC at You can also contact your Student Career Advisors to request help with your application. 

Linda King Brewer Internship Endowment

The Linda King Brewer Internship Endowment provided grant funding for unpaid internships relating to students' studies or future career plans. The Student Engagement Center selects the recipients for this endowment as a part of the Whitman Internship Grant program. 

First Generation Internship & Career Endowment 

The First Generation Internship and Career Opportunity Endowment provides funding for students to participate in summer internships, with a preference given to the fields of finance, investment management, or law. The awarded amount may include funding to cover additional expenses such as travel, housing, and business attire. The Student Engagement Center selects the recipients for this endowment as a part of the Whitman Internship Grant program. Open only to first-generation students entering their third or fourth year. 

First years, sophomores, and juniors (and seniors who will complete courses in December) can apply for the Summer Internship Grant, which provides $3000 for students to participate in unpaid summer internship experiences that last the majority of the summer.  Students are expected to contribute significantly to the organization and must have secured the internship prior to applying for funding. Additional funding is available for students of high financial need and Pell-eligible students.

This is a competitive program; each application will be reviewed primarily on the merit of the internship and the value of the experience in the context of the student’s academic or career goals.

Note: In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Whitman College is working to address the many ways students access programming and learning through our campus and our community. Therefore, in the college’s best efforts to keep our students and community members safe (please see Whitman’s new Social Distancing and Wellness resource page here) any college sponsored activities and programmings moving forward must be aligned with public health/social distancing best practices. 

Through a competitive process, we can award stipends of $5000 for internships outside of the US. Students applying for an international grant must be available March 12th and/or 13th for interviews. Additional funding is available for students of high financial need and Pell-eligible students. 

This program targets older students with demonstrated experience or existing relationships with organizations or individuals outside of the United States.

Whitman students' safety and security are of foremost importance, and the application process is designed to minimize foreseeable risks associated with the internship.

In addition, consistent with this focus on students' safety and security, the internships will be more likely to be successful if the organizations, businesses or government agencies chosen:

  1. Are established and financially secure and have websites that instill confidence in the reader, AND
  2. Have a connection to Whitman (via a member of Governing Board, staff, or faculty, or alumni or parent)

Applicants must be in good academic and conduct standing before they can be approved. Any international student interested in finding out about the WIG and how to apply, please email Greg Lecki (Associate Director of the Intercultural Center for International Student Support Services) at