Application period: September 2022 to November 2022 (12:00 p.m. PT) [TBA]

Eligibility requirements:

• bachelor's degree
• proficiency in Asia languages not a prerequisite for most positions
• non-teaching positions typically require some language or academic/work experience
• for English teaching assistants, participation in TEFL certification course in April
• international students are eligible
• attendance at interviews sessions at Princeton or selected cities across the country
• attendance at orientation in Princeton, N.J. in May
• valid passport

Award summary and conditions: Princeton in Asia (PiA) provides transformative, service-oriented experiences that serve the needs of Asia as determined by host institutions and partners. Asian host organizations contribute at the community level to important global issues: education, public health, environmental sustainability, public information/media, economic development, social justice.

Fellows should expect to cover the costs of:

• application fee
• service fee paid upon acceptance of a placement ($550)
• travel for interviews in January
• Travel for TEFL instruction (April) and orientation (May)
• Vaccination and pre-departure health expenses
• visa fees, pre-departure health expenses
• round-trip travel to/from Asia for most positions

Note: PiA will work with all applicants to ensure that financial considerations do not preclude any candidate from applying or participating in these service opportunities. Salary, housing and group medical insurance are provided.

Application process:
online and hard-copy materials

Online application requirements:

• application form
• essays (3; PDF form)
• short video (60 seconds maximum)
• resume (one page, PDF form)
• scan of passport information page
• scan of passport photo (JPEG format)

Hard-copy application requirements:

• official transcripts (study abroad transcripts not required)
• letter of reference (1): signed with phone number and e-mail address of writer

Faculty representative: Dr. Jess Hernandez

National committee interview: