WhitmanWayfinderLogoThe Career and Community Engagement Center created this site to help you discover career possibilities and the activities at Whitman and in Walla Walla that you can pursue to explore those fields. We encourage you to contact the Center for additional assistance and to make use of the feedback box below to help us improve this resource.

Career Paths Click here for interactive diagram

Whitties often embrace non-linear paths from their major to their profession. In fact, many students study a subject they love at Whitman and then pursue a career in an entirely different field. Click on the diagram to the right to learn more about the paths of recent graduates.

Career Modes

While this tool includes more than 30 career fields, it certainly isn't exhaustive. Below are three modes that cross many disciplines.


If you'd like to learn more about working in other countries after graduation, contact the office of Fellowships and Grants or look for workshops hosted by the Off-Campus Studies office. To get a taste of living and working abroad during your time at Whitman, you could also apply for an international Whitman Internship Grant.


From libraries and planetariums to chemistry labs and field work, research happens everywhere. The Perry Grant and Abshire Grant provide opportunities to do research at Whitman while the Whitman Internship Grant and federally funded programs can fund off-campus opportunities. Contact the Office of the Provost for more information.


Students can participate in activism by volunteering with local organizations or by joining virtually any club on campus, especially those that foster awareness and advocate for specific issues.