WhitmanWayfinderArtsAndCommunicationPeople working in the audio, visual, and media arts design and create engaging experiences through digital and physical mediums. Courses across the Whitman curriculum offer students the opportunity to develop oral and written communication skills, engage in group and individual productions and critiques, and analyze audio/visual evidence.

Following an internship spent editing video content with Tangent Media Group in Walla Walla, Hannah Poukish '17, said: 

"As the editor, I look through every single shot and frame of footage and then decide how to put clips together into a form that is interesting and easily watchable. To me, editing is similar to a giant puzzle, wherein all of the pieces are present, but there is no set end form."

There are many clubs on campus that will allow you to explore your interests, stretch your skills and make an impact in an area about which you're passionate. Contact the ASWC Club Director at aswc_clubdir@whitman.edu to learn more about current clubs or start your own.

Anime Club

Anime Club meets weekly to watch new and classic anime series and discuss the interaction of Japanese and American cultures. It also hosts a marathon during October Break and plans a trip to Sakura-Con in Seattle each spring. 

ASWC Communications

This committee includes at least one member who designs infographics, stickers, brochures, and posters to promote events and explain how the Associated Students of Whitman College advocates for students. 

ASWC Sound & Lights

ASWC Sound and Lights offers full-service technical production for a variety of campus events, including dances, speakers, concerts, and more.

blue moon

blue moon is a student-staffed annual art and literary magazine funded by ASWC that features outstanding art, prose, poetry, and digital media from the Whitman community.

Fine Arts House (FAH)

Affiliated with the art department, the FAH houses up to eight students and one resident assistant who plan and run programming that emphasizes studio art, theatre, and music.

Freedom Songs

The Freedom Songs Project includes a concert and zine that expand the kinds of media and stories consumed on campus, educate outside of the classroom and symposiums, and empower minority voices. Students can submit to the publication, perform in the concert, or join the team that coordinates the project. 


KWCW 90.5, a non-profit radio station funded by ASWC and run by students, broadcasts from Reid Campus Center. More than 100 student DJs contribute to KWCW's free-format programming each year.


quarterlife is a student-run literary magazine funded by ASWC. Four times a year the staff solicits submissions based on a theme and then compiles and prints the issue.

Sheehan Gallery

Located on the first floor of Olin, the Sheehan Gallery features two outside exhibits and two student showcases each year. Students can submit pieces to the Winter Art Salon and often work in the gallery.

Stevens Gallery

Curated by students, the Stevens Gallery in Reid Campus Center provides a public art installation space open to any member of the Whitman community. 

Whitman Yearbook

The Whitman Yearbook, a campus media organization funded by ASWC, chronicles each academic year on campus. The student staff photographs events and solicits submissions to compile a visually literate yearbook.

Whitman Events Board (WEB)

WEB is a volunteer-driven student committee funded by ASWC which plans a variety of campus-wide events. The WEB Creative Arts Director and committee organize fine and creative art programs, while the marketing team oversees hundreds of campaigns each year. 

Whitman Wire

Founded before the turn of the twentieth century and funded by ASWC, the Whitman Wire is an entirely student-run weekly publication with news, arts, and sports coverage, as well as editorials. The staff includes illustrators, production artists, cartoonists, and photographers.

Community involvement helps students understand a broad range of issues and is becoming increasingly important in the eyes of many employers. For more ways to connect with local organizations, contact the Student Engagement Center in Reid Campus Center.


Support and strengthen the arts as an integral part of daily life, education, and economic development in the Walla Walla Valley. ArtWalla envisions an arts culture of excellence with vibrant events, innovative programs, and multiple, diverse sources of sustained support.

Carnegie Picture Lab

The Carnegie picture lab provides art instructions and history presentations led by volunteers at least 3x a year to every participating k-5 classroom. The Picture lab also supports the schools with library book donations, activities, fun family nights, and field trips.

Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye connects fourth and fifth graders from Walla Walla public schools with Whitman students with learning disabilities. Each week, the pair of students create art projects that instill confidence and self-advocacy skills in the elementary schoolers.


Students partner with CAMPFIRE USA to teach art, music, and theater lessons at local elementary schools.

Story Time Project

Story Time volunteers travel to classrooms and daycares throughout Walla Walla to read stories to children each week. Bilingual volunteers, especially those fluent in Spanish, are welcome.

Fellowships and grants afford many students the opportunity to continue their learning beyond graduation in high-impact programs. For more information, please contact the Office of Fellowships and Grants in Reid Campus Center.

American-Scandinavian Foundation

The American-Scandinavian Foundation offers yearlong fellowships and one-to-three month grants to individuals to pursue research or study in one or more Scandinavian countries. Awards are made in all fields, so applications to the visual arts, music, film, dance, creative writing and translation are welcome. 

Asia Pacific Leadership Program

APLP seeks outstanding individuals from all areas of practice and interest (government, business, NGOs, health sciences, media, monastic orders, education) to participate in an innovative leadership development program at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawai'i. The 35-40 participants selected each year have strong leadership experience or potential. All participants must have at least a bachelor's degree; most have a master's degree and at least five years of professional experience.

DAAD Graduate Study Scholarship in Visual and Performing Arts

Independent study or master's degree in visual or performing arts in Germany.

DeKarman Fellowship

The DeKarman Fellowship is open to U.S. and international students currently enrolled in a university or college in the United States. Only candidates for a Ph.D. who will defend their dissertation by June 2020 and undergraduates entering their senior year are eligible for consideration. Special consideration will be given to applicants in the humanities. Study must be carried out in the United States, and all funds must be expended in the country.

Fulbright- National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship

The Fulbright - National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship is a new component of the U.S. Department of State's Fulbright Program that will support up to five Fellowships for one academic year of travel and multi-media storytelling on globally significant social or environmental topics. Digital stories produced by Fulbright - National Geographic Fellows will be published across National Geographic and Department of State content platforms with the support of National Geographic's editorial team.

Gaither Junior Fellows Program

Each year 12-14 graduating seniors are selected to serve as research assistants to senior associates-academics, former government officials, lawyers, and journalists from around the world-to work on a variety of international affairs issues at the Carnegie Endowment in Washington, DC.

Media Institute for Social Change

MISC is a seven-week program: part summer camp and part production house.  The city (Portland) serves as a hands-on laboratory as students make video documentaries about local solutions to global issues. The majority of the program takes place in Portland; the first week is spent at a summer camp in Zig Zag, Oregon. Once accepted, a student may apply for a scholarship, which is awarded as a tuition offset. In the past, students have been able to arrange academic credit through Portland State University, or through an independent study program at their home university.

Moore Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program

MURAP's objective is to facilitate the entrance of talented students from diverse backgrounds into graduate school leading to faculty positions within the humanities, social sciences and fine arts in U.S. colleges and universities. Each summer, students participate in an intensive 10-week research experience at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. The program includes a research project, weekly meetings with a faculty mentor, weekly seminars, and  weekly courses in preparation for the Graduate Record Exam. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have completed at least four semesters of undergraduate study; they also must have at least one semester (at least 12 hours) of undergraduate work remaining when they enter MURAP.

Watson Fellowship

The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship program offers college graduates of unusual promise a year of independent, purposeful exploration and travel outside of the United States to enhance their capacity for resourcefulness, imagination, openness, and leadership, and to foster humane and effective participation in the world community.


To learn more about working on campus, visit the Student Employment page. We have general job search resources here. For employers committed to diversity and opportunities for minorities, visit workplacediversity.com, nemnet.com, and blackcollegian.com.

Industry Opportunities/Resources

Internships and on-campus employment are excellent for accumulating work experience, developing your narrative, and broadening your network. Note that the list below is not comprehensive. Check sites such as vault.com and internships.com for more opportunities.

To see what Audio, Visual & Media Arts internships Whitman students have held in the past, check out the Whitman Internship Database and search "Audio, Visual & Media Arts" or "Arts & Communication".

Studying away from campus is a fantastic way to learn more about the world, as well as an excellent experience upon which you'll draw throughout your academic and professional career. For more information, contact Off-Campus Studies in Memorial.

SIT: Nicaragua Youth Culture, Literacy, and Media
Through the SIT: Nicaragua Youth Culture, Literacy, and Media program, Whitman students can explore Nicaragua a generation after the revolution and investigate how people in Nicaragua are creatively advocating for change. In addition to many site visits in Nicaragua, students gain comparative perspectives on youth issues during an excursion to Cuba.

SIT: Indonesia Arts, Religion, & Social Change
The SIT: Through the Indonesia Arts, Religion, and Social Change program Whitman students can explore the evolving relationships among religion, fine arts, and social organization in contemporary Indonesia. Combining homestays, lectures, field visits, and excursions in historically Hindu Bali and predominantly Muslim Java, this program integrates students in the lives of urban and rural residents of one of Asia's most dynamic societies and in the deep, artistic traditions and contemporary socio-political challenges of the world's largest Muslim country.

IES: Vienna Semester Music program
Through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), Whitman students may enroll in the IES Center in Vienna's Music Program. This program offers students music classes, such as Music History and Music Theory, and the opportunity to enroll in the regular center courses. Home to an astounding number of legendary composers, Vienna is still the "City of Music."

CIEE: Prague Film Studies
The CIEE: FIlm Studies program in Prague, Czech Republic is appropriate for students with a strong background in film studies and a desire to develop the skills necessary to work professionally in the film industry. It is designed for students with specific training and interest in film production or screenwriting and combines both theoretical and practical instruction and activities led by film professionals. 

IFSA-Butler: Mendoza University Program
For Whitman students wishing to study in a smaller city in the Southern Cone of Latin America, Whitman has partnered with the Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University program in Mendoza, Argentina. Students will enroll in an intensive Spanish language and culture course with a strong focus on the nuances of Argentine Spanish. Program participants will take the remainder of their courses at the program center and at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, a public university known for its studio arts program. Some courses at the Universidad de Congreso, a smaller and newer private university in downtown Mendoza, are open to students on this program. All courses are taught in Spanish by Argentine professors.

IFSA Butler: Glasgow School of Art
Through the Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University, Whitman students may enroll in the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland. Glasgow is a vibrant city with a population of 650,000. It is home to the national Scottish companies of ballet, opera, orchestra and chorus. It offers two repertory theaters, the Glasgow Film Theater, galleries, and museums. Serious studio art students who attend the Glasgow School of Art can expect to spend 30-35 hours a week in the studio working on independent projects under faculty supervision.

IES: Milan Music - Tradition & Innovation
Through IES, student musicians have the opportunity to work with world-class musicians, soak up the local music scene, perform at a variety of venues, and attend a wide variety of performances. This program tailors education to the specific needs and interests of each student. There is a full range of opportunities for instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, and performance majors.

DIS: Copenhagen
The DIS Copenhagen program, students can take a variety of courses in English while experiencing immersion in Copenhagen, Denmark. This program provides students with an academically challenging environment where students can take over 200 elective course that are all taught in English. There are several cultural engagements opportunities like course-integrated study tours, DIScovery Trips, housing.

IES: Slade, University College London
Through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), studio art students may enroll in the Slade School of Fine Art and focus on contemporary art, its practice, as well as the theories and histories that inform it. Slade is small in size, ensuring an intimate, supportive, and challenging environment. Slade is located within University College London on Gower Street in Central London within easy reach of the British Museum, Tate Gallery, Tate Modern, National Gallery, and Courtauld Galleries.

Syracuse University Florence
Through Whitman College's affiliation with Syracuse University Florence, qualified students may study at the Syracuse Center in Florence, Italy, a well-established program that was founded over 40 years ago. This program hosts approximately 400 US students each semester and offers courses in everything from art history to Italian politics. Florence is a particularly well-suited destination for art history students because the city's world-class art and architecture. Moreover, the Syracuse program incorporates field trips into many of the art history courses enabling students to study from the actual art and architecture itself.

Here are some possible post-graduate degrees pursued by people in audio, visual, and media arts. Contact the SEC for additional information.

  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
  • Master Degree in Film and Television
  • Ph.D. in Film and Television
  • Fine Arts in Film Production
  • MFA Social Documentary Film

Other Resources

Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design - This website provides information for students and parents about studying art and design at the college level.

Alumni in the Field

Log in to LinkedIn or Whitman Connect to learn about Whitman alumni with jobs in audio, visual and media arts.

Potential Job Titles

Art director
Critic Designer
Festival/Cinema Programmer
Graphic Designer
Media Consultant
Production Designer
Sound Designer