Sophomore Summit

Sophomore Summit is the second step in the Career Coaching process. All members of the Class of 2025 will participate in a three-part series intended to build skillsets, preparedness, and understanding of the host of impactful experiences available outside of the classroom.

The series will begin with Core Workshops which cover five key areas that all students should know and use to seek-out ways to “test out” environments, organizations and possible career paths. Core Workshops will be offered in-person and asynchronously during the first three weeks of class.

The week of September 19th-23rd, sophomores will attend two or more virtual panels of alumni working across several career sectors. Attending these sessions will happen individually via Zoom or by dropping into a campus watch party to view with other interested classmates.

The series will culminate in a half-day conference during which we’ll dive deeper into the details of these various experiences, share how to pursue them, build skillsets that are relevant and access insights about the workplace.

By the end of the summit, students will:

  • Learn how to build compelling application materials
  • Extend their personal networks to seek out opportunity
  • Run an organized and productive research, internship, or job search
  • Meet alumni working in a variety of professional realms
  • Improve their performance in an interview
  • Build skillsets that are relevant to the experiences they pursue

Q: Who can participate?
A: Any sophomore student at Whitman is invited to participate in the Sophomore Summit! Many sessions and panels will be recorded and made accessible on our website after the Summit has concluded.

Q: Do I have to pay for the summit?
A: This program is FREE for students!

Q: What do I get out of it? / Why should I participate?
A: The Sophomore Summit is a unique sophomore-only experience that will allow participating students to:

  • Enhance the core skills one needs in the workplace
  • Develop the ability of narrating your academic life and academic choices
  • Use your varied experiences to inform your future decision making 
  • Interact and spend time with your sophomore classmates
  • Increase your connections within the Walla Walla community
  • Explore the limitless opportunitites your future holds

Q: Where can I find scheduling information?
A: Everything for the Sophomore Summit will live on the Whitlife page which only sophomore students can access. If you are not a current sophomore at Whitman and interested in the programming, you may access this information on the digital program.

Q: What is Summit Saturday? What is required for me to attend Summit Saturday?
A: Summit Saturday is a half-day conference-style event on Saturday, September 24, which consists of sessions hosted by campus staff and alumni, followed by our practice networking event, Eat, Greet, & Be Neat, and a Handshake headshot opportunity! Completing all 5 Core Workshops (which are offered multiple times in-person and asynchronously on the Whitlife page) as well as 2 Explore Panels will allow you to atttend Summit Saturday.

Q: I have more questions, who should I contact?
A: We'd love to talk more with you! Please feel free to reach out to any of us