Veggie Week is almost here!

Rebecca Hanrahan will be giving a talk on the philosophical argument for going vegan during Veggie Day at dinner. This will be in the back room of Prentiss dining hall (the one that can be closed off from the rest of the dining area) from 5:45 to 6:30.

Highlights from the Veggie Day menu include:



Our Philosophy

Action for Animals' mission is to educate and involve the campus on animal welfare issues.

Whitman College Action For Animals creates a positive environment for anyone to become involved in acting in the interests of animals.

There are a number of different aspects of animal welfare issues with which Action for Animals is involved: One aspect is educating the campus about vegan and vegetarian diets. We also alert the campus to cases of cruelty to animals and provide the campus with means to take steps against this cruelty. Additionally, we aim to take steps to further animal welfare on the political level and work with animals in the Walla Walla community.

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