Our intent with providing these scholarship links is to provide you, the student, with helpful information and useful tools to aid you in paying for your educational expenses.  

The scholarships listed below are for undergraduate study.  We have categorized the scholarships by academic and extracurricular interests. Please select the link or links for the scholarship(s) you wish to find out more about and/or apply for.

STEM and Architecture | Environment and Sustainability | Finance and Entrepreneurship 

Technology and Web Services | Legal System and Criminal Justice | Social Justice and Diversity 

Education | Medicine, Disability, and Illness | Mental and Physical Health | Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts 

Community, Civic, and Military Service | Automobiles and Safe Driving | Animals | Athletics and Sports | General

STEM and Architecture

AES Engineering Scholarship

Construction & Engineering Scholarship

My BioSource Scholarship

Scholarships for Computer Science Majors

Tenshon Scholarship

The Fence Authority Scholarship

Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Award

Environment and Sustainability

Annual Forestry Scholarship

Good360 Sustainability Scholarship

Highrises.com Scholarship

MasterShield Gutter Guard Scholarship

Pelican Water Systems Scholarship

PlushBeds Green/Environmental Scholarships

SaveOnEnergy.com Scholarship

SourceSupply Scholarship

Teacher.org Scholarship

Finance and Entrepreneurship

Aaron Seever Sales Scholarship


AndroidHive Scholarship

AWeber Email Marketing Scholarship

Blitz Scholarship

Bollards in My Community Scholarship

CEO of Tomorrow Scholarship

Chuan Ai Lu Engstrom Memorial Scholarship

Coupons.com Scholarship

Credit Repair Scholarship

Crown and Caliber Entrepreneur's Scholarship

Digital Marketing Scholarship

Double Your Audience Marketing Scholarship

Engage The Crowd Scholarship

Foreclosure.com Scholarship

GreenPal Scholarship Fund

HALO Scholarship

Homeowners Insurance Scholarship

HubShout Internet Marketing Scholarship

Kitchen Cabinet Kings Scholarship

Knightsbridge FX Scholarship

Logistics and Supply Chain Scholarship

Magnetic Trading Scholarship

Mark Z. Home Selling Team Scholarship

PayrollCompanies.us "Business Community Impact" Scholarship


Ray Greenly Scholarship Program

RentHop Apartment Scholarship

Rocket Lawyer

Self Employment Experience Scholarship

Siemens Westinghouse Competition


Surgent CPA Review Scholarship

Surgent Professional Education Scholarship

Thumbtack Scholarship

TradeShowDisplayPros Scholarship

Whistler Premier Scholarship

Technology and Web Services

AT&T Internet & Education Scholarship

Blaze Wi-Fi Scholarship Essay Contest for Rural Students

CenturyLinkDeals.com Scholarship

Digicert Wi-Fi Security Scholarship

FrontierBundles.com Cyberbullying Awareness Scholarship

Issuetrak Help Desk Software Scholarship

Open Internet Scholarship

Social Media in Education

Sussle Scholarship

Video Surveillance Scholarship

Legal System and Criminal Justice

Bachus & Schanker, LLC Scholarship

Boling Rice, LLC Essay Scholarship

Bradley Corbett Law Scholarship

Christopher W. Keyser Scholarship

Dolman Law Group Scholarship

Kush Arora Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship

Lawrence Goodwin

Legal Leaders Scholarship

Lexington Law

My Alarm Center Scholarship

Next Step Test Preparation Law Scholarship

Parker Waichman Law Firm Scholarship

Peck Law Firm Scholarship

Price Benowitz Social Justice Scholarship

Ray Snader Scholarship

Recognizing Public Servants Scholarship

Reiff and Bily Legal Scholarship

Shawn Sukumar Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship

Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Law Scholarship for Child Advocates

Terry Eaton Attorney at Law Scholarship

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Site

Thomas L. Dickson Scholarship

Tony Munter Whistleblower Attorney Transparency Scholarship

Zinda Law Group Scholarship

Social Justice and Diversity


Diversity Jobs Scholarship

I'm First Scholarship

La Jolla Lasik National Scholarship

LatPro Scholarship

Leadership 1000 Scholarship

Poshified Scholarship

Pride Foundation Scholarships


Inspire Our Future Scholarship

LA Tutors Scholarship

Study Soup Scholarship

Varsity Tutors College Scholarship

Medicine, Disability, and Illness

Addiction Resource Scholarship

AED Superstore Scholarship

Auger & Auger Disabled Scholar Award

The Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Scholarship

Dr. Robin Unger Medical Impact Scholarship

Ernst Law Group Brain Injury Caregivers Scholarship

The Fabriele Disability Awareness Scholarship

Financial Aid Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Guide to Diabetes Scholarships

HIV Positive Scholarship

Jan Egerton and Don Smitley Mesothelioma Scholarship

John Foy & Associates Strong Arm Leukemia Scholarship

Pre-Health Professions Scholarship Contest

SeniorCare.com Scholarship

Solutionreach Scholarship

Staver Law Group Scholarship

Surviving Mesothelioma Scholarship

The Diamond Herbs Scholarship

Nursing Education Scholarship

Mental and Physical Health


Future Counselors of America

Health and Wellness Scholarship

Healthcare Scholarship

iVein Health & Wellness Scholarship

North Point Recovery College Scholarship

Promises Treatment Centers' Scholarship

QuitDay Scholarship

Stay Fit In College Scholarship

The 2014 Health Wonk Scholarship

Therapy Professionals Scholarship

Tobacco-Free Life Academic Scholarship

12 Keys Academic Essay Scholarship

Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts

Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships

Bi-Annual Fashion Scholarship - Classic Shapewear

Cable TV Scholarship

Coit Clean Living Scholarship

DAZ 3D Graphic Design Scholarship

Design a Shirt, Win a Scholarship

FormSwift Scholarship Program

GloFX College Scholarship

Heart On Your Wrist

Mind the Gap

ProofreadingServices.com Writing Scholarship

Social Media Scholarship


Community, Civic, and Military Service


Kaire & Heffernan Community Scholarships for Florida Students

Marine Corps Scholarships

Rocky Mountain Mattress

Automobiles and Safe Driving

Auto Accident Survivor Scholarship

CARiD Automotive Scholarship

CJ Pony Parts Scholarship Video Contest

Stroble Law Scholarship

Thomas Law Offices College Scholarship

Viral Video Scholarship Contest

Washington Community Scholarship

Zehl & Associates Scholarship


Dog Lovers

Entirely Pets Scholarship

Petkey Scholarship

Athletics and Sports

Archery Scholarship

Athletic Scholarships

Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship

Soccerloco's National Scholarship



1Dental.com Scholarship

A Better Chicago Scholarship

Abbott & Fenner Essay Scholarship

Acculynx Scholarship


Adam Greenman American Dream Scholarship

American Bullion Scholarship

American Residential Warranty

America's Best Blogging Scholarship

Apartment List Scholarship

B. Davis Scholarship

Bid 4 Papers

Big Fish Online Games

Boom Essays

Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship

BrokerFish Scholarship

Bulk Office Supply Scholarship

Classic Diamond House Scholarship


Clubs of America Scholarship



Concord Scholarship Essay Competition

Cottage Inn Scholarship

Courage to Grow Scholarship

CSC Scholarship

Discountrue Scholarship

Federal Scholarships & Aid Gateways

Forklift Systems Essay Scholarship

Guerra Dental Scholarship

Healthy Home Scholarship

Herb Affair Scholarship

Horatio Alger

Independent Colleges of Washington 

Interior Deluxe Scholarship

International Gem Society Scholarship

JustJobs Scholarship

L. Clayton Burgess Scholarship

Marvel Optics Scholarship

Mensa Foundation Scholarship Program

My Kool Smiles Scholarship Fund

NearFox Citizen Care Scholarship

Ortho Scholar 

Oz Moving & Storage Scholarship

Plumbing Masters National Scholarship

Public Relations Society of America - Puget Sound Chapter Scholarships

Spokeo Connections Scholarship

Sterling Law Scholarship

Storage.com Scholarship

Student Video Scholarships 

Study.com Scholarships


Washington Advocates Scholarship

Washington State Governors Scholarship for Foster Youth

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