Rayana Weller

Senior Intern

Hometown: Vashon Island, WA.

Major: Rhetoric, Writing and Public Discourse.

Minor: Creative Writing.

Why you chose Whitman: As soon as I visited campus for the first time, I knew I loved this school. It was early February and the snow had just fallen, making campus look and feel absolutely magical. The people that I met during my campus visit made me feel included, safe, happy, and excited and I couldn't ask for more from a college. Whitman's close knit community, academic excellence, and supportive values made me 100% sure this was the school for me.

Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: Study at local cafes, attend live music events, go to Food Truck Night, and stargaze in the wheat fields with friends.

Favorite spot on campus: The library.

What advice you'd give yourself when you were going through the college process: Show the college who you think you are, not who your parents or mentors or college counselors think you are. Be authentic, share what about you makes you interesting and cool, and trust that that is enough.

Fun Fact(s) about yourself: I once sailed from Vancouver Island to Alaska on a 111 ft. wooden sailboat.

Best class you've taken on campus: RHET 230: Intro to Rhetoric and Public Culture.

Favorite campus traditions: 80s dance, inflatables on Ankeny at the end of the school year, and Taq.