Jessica Luong

Senior Intern

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Major: Sociology

Why you chose Whitman: During the college search process, I knew that I wanted to go somewhere away from home where I could be challenged but also supported. I visited during the fall Visit Scholarship Program which was where I saw fall for the first time and fell in love with the campus. Everyone I met was so friendly and it reminded me of home. I was so surprised that people were so eager to help me and get to know me, even as a prospective student. I also loved that there were many opportunities for community engagement that I couldn't have in larger cities or schools.

Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: Get iced mochas and chocolate croissants at the Colville Street Patisserie, eat brownies at Graze, food truck night.

Favorite spot on campus: Quiet room.

What advice you'd give yourself when you were going through the college process: Think about what you want to be doing instead of what you should be doing when you are applying. It can be a stressful time but things will find a way to fall into place when it needs to. It also helps to visit campus and get a good feel for the community you're going to be a part of!

Fun Fact(s) about yourself: I can recite the Avatar: The Last Airbender opening by memory.

Best class you've taken on campus: Beginning Ballet.

Favorite campus traditions: Petting dogs on Ankeny and pinging.