Grace Fashanu

Senior Intern

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Major(s): Economics, Minor in Politics

Why you chose Whitman: First, the campus is beautiful! I wanted a change of scenery and the PNW was exactly what I needed. In addition to that, I wanted a small liberal arts education where I knew that I could thrive and feel connected to my professors. I wanted to feel like I was more than just a number, but rather a student who was seen and heard.

Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: The Walla Walla Indian Cuisine is literally my favorite place to go. The food is delicious, and I always leave so full and happy. I also love thrifting here! I find so many nice clothes at the Goodwill and Yeehaw Aloha in town.

Favorite spot on campus: Reid Campus Center is definitely the place to be. There’s food, nice seating, and great wifi. I love how many places you can be in one building, and it's always filled with good energy.

What advice you’d give yourself when you were going through the college process: Make sure you breathe! Applying to college is stressful and it is easy to get into your head about all of the stressful details, but remember that you’re entering a new exciting chapter in your life. Trust that wherever that chapter leads you, it's going to be good.

Fun fact(s) about yourself: I Hate cucumbers, everything about them gross me out. But, I Love pickles. I can eat so many of them alone, so yummy!

Best class you’ve taken on campus: Greek and Roman Ancient Intellectual History with Dana Burgess. Not only do I love greek mythology, but I learned so much about Roman and greek history, philosophy and art. In addition to that, Professor Burgess really helped me hone my writing skills. I will never be the same.

Favorite campus traditions: Definitely the bird bath! There is chlorine in it and it is perfect for cooling down on an extra sunny day.