Hometown: Stillwater, Minnesota

Why I Chose Whitman

The Whitman community (faculty, staff, peers) treats people as people. You're more than a number in every experience, from the admission process to being a student and then becoming an alumnus (or, so I hope!).

I went to a Whitman party in Minnesota for current and prospective students where I could ask questions and really get a feel for the school, and when I arrived my admission officer greeted me by first name and a hug, after meeting once previously a month and a half prior.

Favorite Things to Do in Walla Walla

I love food, and I love anything involving going to places to eat said food. I would list my top three places, but I can't decide. You'll just have to try them all (and I really do mean, all as 95% of them are in walking distance). I also love to bike to and hammock in the local parks.

Favorite Spot on Campus

I love to read and spend some introvert time by the "waterfall" in Lakum Duckum.

My Advice for Going Through the College Process

Love schools you're applying to, but don't think that the world will crumble because you didn't get accepted to your top school. The most important thing to remember is that you're bringing yourself to college. It sounds foolish, but it's true. You have the opportunity to challenge yourself, learn, and grow at whatever school you go to!

Fun Facts about Me

I played trumpet for 10 years and can whistle through my teeth. My favorite topics of conversation are mindfulness and well-being, and whenever I have spare time, I listen to podcasts.

Best Class I've Taken on Campus

Hard question. It's a three-way tie between Ensemble Leadership (learning how to conduct was incredible), Developmental Psychology (most rewarding course, hands down), and Encounters (I learned more about myself as a person and student in this class than any other course I've taken).

Favorite Campus Traditions

My favorite tradition is not typically thought of as a tradition–I love Voices of Whitman. In the final days of orientation most, if not all, students at Whitman gather with their blankets and friends in the Amphitheatre to listen to the stories of their peers. Even though they are not required to attend, upper-class students make sure not to miss this event because they know its value.