CJ Fritz

Senior Intern

Hometown: Bend, OR

Major: Rhetoric, Writing and Public Discourse Studies

Why you chose Whitman: I chose Whitman because, from the first time I visited campus to my recruiting visit for soccer and through my official visit to interview, I had an intangible feeling of belonging. I could see myself living, studying, and thriving on this campus well before I applied to come to Whitman, and no other school gave me that feeling. The feelings of security and assuredness that I felt when I visited Whitman were so special that I couldn't see myself going to any other school.

Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: Watching the sunset in the wheat fields, eating at food truck night, going to the county fair, and watching the hot air balloon launch.

Favorite spot on campus: The lawn and fountain in front of Hunter Conservatory

What advice you'd give yourself when you were going through the college process: Colleges do not put as much emphasis on your academics as you think. They want to find real, authentic people who will contribute to the campus culture in a unique and positive way. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself, everything will be okay.

Fun Fact(s) about yourself: I do improv comedy, I have two podcasts, I'm currently learning Arabic, and I may have a photographic memory (no data to prove)

Best class you've taken on campus: Art History 210: Museums and the Politics of Display

Favorite campus traditions: Pinging, riding Styx, Reid Side Lawn movies, Zumba.