Hometown: Guerneville, CA (Bay Area)
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Film and Media Studies

Why I Chose Whitman

As I began my college search, Whitman was one of many on my list of potential schools. Like many of the other institutions on my list, Whitman filled the basic criteria for a private liberal arts college. However, I quickly learned that Whitman stood apart from all of the other schools I visited.

When I stepped foot on campus, I was greeted with smiles and genuine interest in who I was and why I was looking at Whitman. That kind of aimless yet authentic kindness was not something I had experienced anywhere else. All the students I met were friendly, passionate people who took academics seriously while also making time to help their peers, creating a collaborative learning environment. They also made time for their extracurricular interests whether that was rock climbing, photography, sports, or dance.

I came to realize that I needed to be part of a community that valued the growth of the whole person while also giving me the rigorous academics I knew I wanted. Because of this perfect balance, this rigorous yet non-competitive, focused yet creative, inspiring and supportive place quickly rose to the top of my college list.

I applied early decision and to this day, I can say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Favorite Things to Do in Walla Walla

Although I have many things I love here in Walla Walla, one of my favorites is going to the Pioneer Park Aviary in the evenings to listen to all the birds. The Walla Walla food trucks (first Monday of the month) are also fantastic.

Favorite Spot on Campus

I am always amazed at how multifaceted Ankeny Field is. This giant open space is used for everything from classes and IM sports, to studying and lounging and everything in between.

My Advice for Going Through the College Process

Narrow your search! By the beginning of my senior year of high school, I had 15 potential schools. Even though I ended up applying ED to Whitman, making that decision was made so much more difficult because I had to weed through 14 other schools and all of their pros and cons which was time-consuming and stressful.

Narrowing your search to schools that you absolutely love will save the days of painful deliberation over schools you might not even like all that much. Be honest with yourself and pick schools that are all ones you would be happy to attend.

Fun Facts about Me

I have lost every pair of socks I have ever owned and I haven't been able to figure out why.

Best Class I've Taken on Campus

That is an extremely difficult question to answer because every class offers something different. But, if I had to choose, in my junior year, I took a Sociology course called "Contemporary Social Theory" and it was a course with 5 students and we read around 50 different theorists, all of whom had different explanations for how and why society exists. Every day I left unsure what I believed. I loved having my opinions and assumptions questioned and I think it made me a better student overall.

But, I also took a songwriting course. I am a musician so that class was the most fun I ever had in a classroom setting. I woke up every day thrilled to go to class and chat about the ins and outs of writing a song.

Favorite Campus Traditions

Although cliché (for us Whitties), getting a group of friends together, going to the Taq and getting burritos and then heading out to the wheat fields for a picnic never gets old and is a tradition that I will always be so fond of.