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Gelic Gerona, Admission Student Assistant

Gelic Gerona


Admission Student Assistant

Major(s): Undecided

Why you chose Whitman: Growing up on a small island in the Philippines, I have always known that I want to experience the same connectedness and involvement to the community I will be living in for college. I was concerned about how to get this experience while also making sure that I have the opportunity to bring the best version of myself by being able to learn more about what I love to do, practice new skills and crafts, have a deep understanding on specific subjects, and get mentored by outstanding professors. I’ve found that Whitman is capable of providing these qualities. It’s a small community that holds a belief in the value of community and power of relationships while allowing students to explore.

Favorite things to do in Walla Walla: I like participating in different events downtown which make me feel part of the Walla Walla community. My top two are hanging out with my friends every Saturday in the Farmer’s Market while trying free fruits, and watching the annual Walla Walla Balloon Stampede.

Favorite spot on campus: Penrose Library (reading room/quiet room). As someone who always needs to work under pressure, this room has been helping me so much in finishing my deadlines without procrastinating. Seeing everyone in the room working with their deadlines made me feel obligated to do the same and not just watch TikTok videos on my phone. Plus, if I study there with my friends, I know that we cannot talk and end up doing nothing. I always feel great leaving the library knowing I have finished at least one homework assignment.

Best class you’ve taken on campus: Beginning Acting Class II is so far my favorite class ever. I got to conquer my ‘Shakespeare Anxiety’ by studying his work and finally understanding why some people describe it as the hiphop of his time. It was also really fun exploring Theater of the Absurd which involves a lot of physical gestures that I enjoy doing with my scene partner. Then we did some contemporary scenes which tackle issues that are prominent today such as censorship, and cyberbullying and youth.

Favorite campus traditions: Holi Celebration! Aside from it being a great break from studying during finals season, it is also a great moment to just have fun playing with colors and water with your friends and other Whitman students. We brought a tradition from one’s culture to our college and we, the students celebrates with them.

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