Whitman National Debate Institute

Whitman College is one of the best liberal arts schools in the nation and our summer debate and forensics workshop for middle and high school students is no exception.  The 2015 WNDI promises to be one of the best possible experiences for learning, improving and having fun at the same time. (NOTE: New Parli sessions offered for the summer of 2015--more information below).


Register by Friday, April 3rd to ensure a spot in the workshop.  To register, mail in your $250 deposit (applies toward tuition) and we will send you the registration forms.  Send your check made payable to "Whitman College" to WNDI c/o Debate team; 345 Boyer Ave; Whitman College; Walla Walla, WA 99362.   You can also pay your deposit here (pay pal) and we'll send you the registration form within two to three days.   


Program Cost and Dates      ** Two New programs, Parli sessions and a 1 month LD Scholars Program with 2 weeks at Whitman and two weeks at Lewis & Clark (see below)

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Email debate@whitman.edu with questions.  You can also friend us on Facebook through "Whitman Debate"

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Parli Sessions at the WNDI this summer!

In addition to Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum and Extemp, you can now come to the WNDI workshop and learn Parliamentary debate.

Whitman College has one of the most successful Parli programs in the country, having won national sweepstakes, top speaker awards, and national circuit tournaments regularly over the past ten years.  We will bring that expertise to our Parli institute sessions this summer and we can promise that you will receive some of the best available instruction in the country.

Our faculty will emphasize advocacy, strategy, prep time techniques, and innovative argumentation throughout the workshop, and every student will be in a number of full debates.Our agenda will include everything from how to structure a speech to how to predict the types of resolutions that are likely at a given moment in the news cycle.  You cannot go wrong with this new format and Whitman College is the place to be to improve your Parli skills.  Please contact us with any questions and we hope to see you this summer.

Hunter Spring

New Option! 

The Northwest Lincoln-Douglas Debate Scholars Program

Whitman College and Lewis & Clark College are teaming up for this amazing opportunity...

The majestic Columbia Gorge between Washington and Oregon connects two debate powerhouses: Lewis & Clark College and Whitman College.  Now, this summer, LD Debaters can spend two weeks on the campus of each school learning Lincoln-Douglas debate for a full month from some of the best faculty in the country.  Sign up now--the lab size will be limited to 10 students for the "Northwest Lincoln-Douglas Debate Scholars Program."  From June 28th through July 25th (with the first two weeks in Walla Walla at Whitman and the second two weeks at Lewis & Clark in Portland) students will learn at least four LD resolutions in depth, have dozens of full debates, small theory sessions, speech re-dos, argument seminars with the full faculty of both institutes, and continuity as a group by working with a few select faculty the entire time.  Not only is this one of the best educational opportunities for debate in the country, we are offering a major discount in tuition of $2,250 (includes room, board, and instruction) for the entire 4 week program. Register now because spots will go on a rolling basis.