Why be a tutor?

When you help others learn, you deepen your knowledge about the subjects you tutor, you learn about and apply academic coaching and interpersonal skills that will help make you a sought-after candidate by graduate schools and employers, and you are paid for tutoring! The Academic Resource Center hires, trains, and supports successful students who have the desire to help others learn. By coaching students, tutors are able to deepen their understanding of material and help Whitman College students become more confident learners. 

Apply to be a tutor today!

The full job description is available on the Whitman College Handshake ARC Peer Tutor.  Please contact Janet Mallen with any questions that you may have about joining the ARC Peer Tutoring Team!  Please also contact Erin Town in the Whitman College Student Engagement Center for assistance with your application or if you need assistance with using using Handshake.