The Social Sciences are a discipline or branch of science that deals with human behavior in its social and cultural aspects. The social sciences include cultural (or social) anthropology, sociology, social psychology, political science, and economics. It's important to study the social sciences because knowledge of the social sciences can help improve our societies. By studying these things, we are becoming better informed about how societies work and how to hopefully improve them in the future.

Portrait of Eli HollidayEli Holliday '20, he/him/his

History / Philosophy

I chose history because history is all around us; there is nothing you can do in the world that is devoid of historical context. I believe that by better understanding the nuance and context of other backgrounds we can lead a better life and create a better society. Also, it has the best Memes.

Favorite class in major: Hail Caesar: The Roman Revolution

Favorite class out of major: World Theatre


Portrait of Dylan SeidlerDylan Seidler '20, she/her/hers

Environmental Studies - History

I am an animal rights activist who wants to pursue a career in wildlife rehabilitation. I enjoyed the freedom this major provided to explore how humans have impacted animals and the natural world in the past and how this applies to current environmental issues. I also enjoyed the variety of opportunities this major provides to pursue the areas of history I enjoy, while being focused on the environment. This major is great for those who enjoy history but also care about the environment. Additionally I am able to pursue  many animal-oriented classes doing this major.

Favorite class in major: Pacific Whaling History

Favorite class out of major: Animals in Philosophy / Advanced Painting


Portrait of Chloe DaikhChloe Daikh '21, she/her/hers

Classics and History

I started taking Latin in 6th grade and have always loved it so classics made sense for me. I decided to do a double major in history when I took a class with Sarah Davies in the Fall 2018 semester and also loved it.

Favorite classes in majors: Ancient Theatre and the Advanced Latin Seminar for Classics / Hail Caesar: The Roman Revolution / 20th Century Europe

Favorite class out of major: Approaches to the Study of Literature


Portrait of Cameron ConnerCameron Conner '20

Rhetoric Studies / Politics

Politics at Whitman is different. It's not political science, political theory, pre-law, or civics. Rather, it uses all of these tools and more to study how dynamics of power operate and organize society through interactions between the state, global capital, media, mass movements, and other social structures. Politics Professors are experts in their field who have both engaged in the highest levels of academic critique and organized on the ground to promote and inspire material change in people's lives. I love this major because it challenges me every day to questions the kind of world I want to live in and in doing so has given me the tools to leave Whitman and begin making that world a reality.

Favorite class in major: The Political Economy of Care/Work

Favorite class out of major: The History of America in Vietnam


Portrait of Haily MountHailey Mount '20

Environmental Studies - Politics

I chose to be an ES-Politics major because my passion for analyzing the legal system has consistently led me to the question of how we try to protect, or rather fail to protect, our world ecosystems. ES-Politics provides the perfect framework from which to attack these critical questions about environmental law and policy.

Favorite class in major: Methods of Environmental Analysis

Favorite class out of major: Intro to Rhetoric and Public Discourse


Portrait of David DregalloDavid Dregallo '20, he/him/his

Environmental Studies - Sociology

I like the applicability of ES-Sociology as well as its use in explaining everyday interactions between humans and the environment.

Favorite class in major: Environmental Justice


Portrait of Anna PulscakAnna Pulscak '21, she/her/hers

Environmental Studies - Sociology

I went into college knowing that I wanted to major in the ES department, but I did not know exactly what area. As I began to take classes within the ES department it became clear to me that I was most interested in the social implications of climate change. I find the interactions between the environment and our society to be very fascinating so I took the leap and declared!

Favorite class in major: Environmental Sociology

Favorite class out of major: Intro to Anthropology


Portrait of Kevin LevinKyle Levin '20, he/him/his


I chose this major because I was interested in a lot of different subjects and sociology allowed me to explore all of those interests. I think what I love about my major is how many different types of courses the department offers. Also, the professors are amazing and are very approachable. They are truly interested in the work and success of students.

Favorite class in major: Social Stratification

Favorite class out of major: Print Making / Chemistry


Portrait of Indira DahlstromIndira Dahlstrom '21, she/her/hers


What I like best about sociology is that it leads me to frame questions about how the world works in very mindful ways.

Favorite class in major: Latinos and Latinas in the U.S.

Favorite class out of major: Advanced Creative Nonfiction