Nov. 21: First call to students for proposals. WUC online application system opens for submission of proposals

Nov. 28: Second call to students for proposals. 

Dec. 5: Third call to students for proposals

Dec. 12: Final call to students for proposals 

Dec. 16: Deadline for submission of proposals

Jan. 13: Return proposals to students for revisions and resubmission

Jan. 19: Spring Term begins

Jan. 30: Deadline for revisions and resubmissions (5 p.m.)

Feb. 1: Proposals returned to students for proofing (hard copy)

Feb. 6: Final hard-copy proofs due to Office of Fellowships and Grants (8 a.m.)

March 11-26: Spring Break

April 3: Undergraduate Conference programs delivered

April 6-7 (Tentative):  Tech sessions for presenters

April 8-9 (Tentative): Coaching sessions for presenters 

April 11: 19th annual Whitman Undergraduate Conference