Students may elect to organize their own group presentations with the approval of a faculty sponsor. Student-organized group presentations can take two forms:

  1. Four or five students may prepare individual oral presentations (15 minutes each, including Q&A) for a full session focused on a common topic or theme. Each presenter submits a separate proposal, choosing Student-Organized Group Presentation as the type of presentation and listing the names of all other presenters in the corresponding text box. These sessions must comprise at least four presenters. Typically, all of the proposals will have the same sponsor. An example of such a panel is four or five proposals addressing a common political topic or literary work.

  2. In cases where several students have worked together on a common project (e.g., "State of the State for Washington's Latinos," bluemoon/quarterlife), a second type of student-organized group presentation may be appropriate. In this case, one student is responsible for submitting a single proposal for the entire group. Student-Organized Group Presentation is indicated as the type of presentation, and the names of all other presenters are included in the corresponding text box. 

For more information about student-organized group presentations, contact Keith Raether, director of fellowships and grants, at