“The Last Town on Earth”

The Last Town on Earth cover The year is 1918 and America is fighting a war on foreign soil that has divided the nation. Meanwhile, rumors of the spread of the deadliest epidemic ever are causing panic on the home front. The uninfected town of Commonwealth, Washington, votes to quarantine itself, and two young friends are asked to guard the town entrance and keep strangers out.

One day, a starving, cold - and seemingly ill - soldier comes out of the woods begging for sanctuary, and the two guards are confronted with an agonizing moral dilemma.

So begins The Last Town on Earth, a novel by Thomas Mullen, which has been selected as the Whitman College 2009 summer reading assignment for new students and the community. Listen to an interview by Liane Hansen with Thomas Mullen on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, September 24, 2006 here.


Walla Walla: The Last Town on Earth?