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This year from September 4th until October 15th Whitman College will be participating in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge! The Campus Challenge is an event all about getting school communities to come together and get excited about the outdoors. It’s a great opportunity for members of our community to try new things, meet new people, and even win some swag from challenge sponsors like REI, The North Face, and Osprey. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and anyone else who wants to help represent our school can help us earn the title of the outdoorsiest school in the country! One of us might even become the Outsider of the Year, the person from one of the participating schools who logs the most outdoor activities.

For Whitman to win the coveted title of outdoorsiest school in the country, we need you to get outside and log your outdoor adventures. All kinds of activities qualify as long as it takes place for at least 30 minutes; anything from hammocking to kayaking to stargazing to rock climbing can earn points for our school. Each activity has a certain number of points assigned to it according to the type of activity. And, while team sports aren’t eligible outdoor activities, there are tons of activities that Whitties do every day that can qualify. (For more information about eligible activities, check out the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge FAQ)

Participating in the Challenge is easy! All you need to do is download the Outdoor Nation app from the Google Play or IOS App Store, create an account and select Whitman College as your school, and start logging activities! To log an activity, take a photo of yourself during the activity and upload it to the app to get credit. Keep logging up to five activities a day to earn as many points as you can! Early registration begins August 22nd and be sure to like the official Whitman College Campus Challenge Facebook page for updates.

So whether you are a veteran of the outdoors or are just starting out, the first few weeks of the first semester are the perfect time to show the Outdoor Nation what you've got! Let’s get outside!

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How to Participate

  1. Sign up for the challenge by downloading the Outdoor Nation app from the Google Play or iOS App Store.
  2. Plan an activity outside and invite your friends.
  3. Take a photo of you and your friends.
  4. Upload your photo and trip info to the Outdoor Nation app and get credit for your activity.
  5. Repeat and have your friends do the same.
  6. You could win....Outsider of the Year!

For more information and to sign up, download the Outdoor Nation app or visit oncampuschallenge.org