Leadership skills, deepened friendships, and strengthened character are invaluable and irreplaceable experiences of Whitman College’s Outdoor Program. OP trips continue to enhance Whitman’s liberal arts education and are important escapes from our digital world.

Through the creation of the Bob Carson Outdoor Program Fund in 2012, every student at Whitman has the opportunity to participate in the Outdoor Program today, regardless of the ability to afford the cost of a trip. Specifically, this fund allows students to participate in at least one free Outdoor Program trip. We invite you to join with other alumni to support access to the Outdoor Program. Your support is crucial to make this possible.

This fund is named in honor of Professor Robert Carson, a strong supporter of the Outdoor Program and an icon in the Geology department and Environmental Studies Program for more than 35 years.  This fund represents Bob’s passion for the outdoors and the incredible learning opportunities that exist outside of the classroom.

Your gift to the Bob Carson Outdoor Program Fund will ensure that all students have the opportunity to experience Whitman’s Outdoor Program, enabling them to develop leadership skills, strengthen their campus relationships, and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. You may make your gift online at and designate your gift to the Bob Carson Outdoor Program Fund.

Thank you for your support of Whitman College and for your passion for Whitman’s Outdoor Program.  If you have questions about this exciting opportunity, please feel free to contact me.


Brien Sheedy, Director of Outdoor Programs
(509) 522-4395


Watch a video slideshow of Outdoor Program trips like the ones this fund will support. 



I have rafted through thundering waters, snowshoed in the darkness, sea kayaked beneath a rising moon, climbed towering monoliths, and gazed upwards at the infinite stars of the Milky Way.  The responsibility that comes with leading a group of people through a remote wilderness bestows a kind of maturity that my parents could only have dreamed of when sending their 18 year old daughter off to college.
-Claire Snyder ’12 


I came to Whitman with no backcountry experience.  My first year I went on a Scramble, signed up for every OP trip I could, and took several SSRA classes.  Now in my senior year I am teaching rock climbing and whitewater kayaking classes and leading OP trips every weekend.  These experiences have allowed me to develop my technical skills but more importantly, I have had the opportunity to take on leadership positions that will translate to future career paths.
-Adam Michel ’12



Through the OP I found a place where I can enhance leadership skills and continue my growing love for being outside.  I am now a Scramble leader, OP trips leader, the OP Trips Coordinator and plan on making a career in outdoor trip leading or outdoor education.
-Heather Domonoske ’13


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