Click on the links below to see detailed information about each scramble trip.

 Strawberry Mountains, OR:  Strawberry Sweetness & Strawberry Jubilee

 Ross Lake, WA: Rosstafarian Adventure & A Rossin' and a Rollin' & Borderlands Backpacking

 San Juan Islands, WA: San Juan Wanderers & Outrageous Orcas Orbiters & Jonesin' for Jellies

 Olympic Coast, WA: Seaside Swag & Tidal Trekking

 Mt. St. Helens, WA: Pyroclastic Pathfinders

 Glacier Peak Wilderness, WA: Glacial Glow

 Wallowas Mountains, OR: Sacajawea Scavengers & Face the Hurricane

 Smith Rock, OR: Smith Family Robinson & School of Hard Rocks

 Salmon River, ID: Bodaciously Bouncing Boating & Slammin Salmon

 Elkhorn Mountains, OR: Elkhorn Extravaganza & Epic Elkhorn Escape