Keith Raether
Director, Office of Fellowships and Grants

Jon Loney
Manager, Instructional Multimedia Services, Office of Technology Services

Devon Wootten
Manager, Language Learning Center

Matthew McKern
Senior Designer, Office of Communications

Mike Osterman
Director, Enterprise Technology, Office of Technology Services

Austun Ables
Instructional and Learning Technologist for Sciences, Office of Technology Services

Amy Blau
Scholarly Communications Librarian, Penrose Library

Jenny Stratton
Administrative Assistant, Office of Fellowships and Grants

With special thanks to Alzada Tipton, Amy Dodds, Doug Scarborough, John David Earnest, Whitman College Technology Services (Charles Marr, Bryan Lubbers, Tristan Rupert, David Sprunger and Gather.Town Space Manager Dustin Palmer), Heidi Pitts, Rebecca Devereaux, Laura Cummings, Antonia Keithahn and the student musicians who share their art throughout the day.