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Committee Members

Jess Hernandez
Director for Fellowships and Grants, Career and Community Engagement Center

Victor Saldaña
Assistant Director, Office of Conferences, Events and Scheduling

Jon Loney
Manager of Instructional Multimedia Services, Office of Technology Services

Matthew McKern
Senior Designer, Office of Communications

Mike Osterman
Director of Enterprise Technology, Office of Technology Services

Peter Shultz
Instructional and Learning Technologist for Sciences, Office of Technology Services

Amy Blau
Scholarly Communications Librarian, Penrose Library

Kim Young
Administrative Assistant, Hall of Music

Jenny Stratton
Administrative Assistant for Fellowships and Grants, Career and Community Engagement Center

With special thanks to: Amy Dodds, Doug Scarborough, Gary Gemberling, all faculty and staff sponsors, Shelly Rasmussen, Lindsay Szramek, all peer coaches and moderators, Tristan Rupert, David Sprunger, Jeremy Davis, Carlos Muñoz, Kevin Rineer, Haley Lowery, Jennifer Casper, the student staff members of the Office of Conferences, Events and Scheduling, Kim Fetrow, Tera Pettit, Sierra Roberts, Kathia Jimenez, Bradley Nelson, Keith Hough, all American Sign Lanuguage and Deaf interpreters, Brenna Frisbie and the staff of Bon Appetit, and the student musicians who share their art throughout the day.

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