Glacier Mountaineering Class   Whitman College Outdoor Program Raft Guide Leadership 2014          Sweet Onion Crank 2014
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The RGL class had some fun and put on a Harlem Shake of their own!

Here is a group of Whitman students from the Whitewater Club with footage of their kayaking adventures on Pacific Northwest rivers.   This is an OP trip where kayakers go to the Oregon Coast and ride the ocean waves! Here are some videos of the annual climbing competition, Sweet Onion Crank, that takes place at the Whitman College climbing center. For more information about the crank click here!
River Guide Leadership Harlem Shake 2013 Whitewater Club Adventures 2011-2012 Surf Zone Sweet Onion Crank 2013
Sweet Onion Crank 2011
Sweet Onion Crank 2012




Hawaii Trip 2014

Ice Climbing Trip 1 2014

Ice Climbing Trip 2 2014

Wing Ridge Ski Trip 2014

Whitman Outdoor Program Spring 2012
Take a look at some of the awesome pictures of adventures from Spring 2012 OP trips!
January Start Students Snowshoe Trip! 1/15
Here are some photos of the January start snowshoe trip taken to horseshoe prairie.
Sweet Onion Crank 2012 Slideshow
Here are some great photos of the annual climbing competition, the Sweet Onion Crank.
Bob Carson Outdoor Fund
Bob Carson has made it possible for every first year student to go on an OP trip. Here are some of the amazing trips that first years attended by using the Bob Carson Fund.
Scrambles are trips that occur annually for first years before college orientation. These are photos of the 2012 Scrambles.
Whitman College Climbing Center
This is a short preview of the Whitman College climbing center.

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