The One Act Play Festival Audition Notice

Auditions for the One Act Play Festival will be happening this Friday (January 21st) from 6-9 pm on Zoom! The One Act Play Festival is a collection of 3 student-written plays that will be performed this February. Information about how to prepare and sign up for auditions is down below. We hope to see you there!


If you are interested in Auditions:

Please fill out this Google Form with your information. Auditions will be held over Zoom in caution to COVID as students move back to campus. Rehearsals will be held in person starting Monday, January 24th. Scripts for all three plays are attached to this email if you would like more information on the characters and plays.


Auditions will be held Friday (January 21st) at 6:00pm here: 

Audition Notes from the Directors:


Written by Sylvia Adome ('22) and Directed by Gillian MacKay Brown (‘23)


We are looking for dark-skinned African and African-American actors, as well as White or White-passing actors. The play contains a lot of graphic language and sexual themes, as well as a description of sexual assault. There are also multiple instances of and descriptions of racism and microaggressions towards the main character. 

This play is meant to make people feel uncomfortable in some manner, to make people question their regular conversations with others, and is loosely based on real-life experiences.


Seva is a dark-skinned African woman. She has only been living in the United States for a few years. Having a non-American accent is encouraged!


The Therapist is a dark-skinned African-American woman


Professor McKinn is a White woman


The ensemble is made up of White-identifying people, one member of the ensemble must be a Black man. 


Sides for Alone will be provided for Friday Auditions. 

Pippen and Piper and the Case of the Catastrophic Cruise

Written by Jaime Fields ('23) and Directed by Jaime Fields ('23)

 The cast has 4M/4F roles, but is open to casting anyone regardless of gender if they're comfortable with the character! All roles can be played by anyone regardless of race or ethnicity. Actors should have fun! Play around with bad British accents, lean into the ridiculous characters/tropes, make big choices. This is not a serious play.

Sides for Pippen and Piper and the Case of the Catastrophic Cruise will be provided for Friday Auditions.

Buckets of Joy

Written by Maddie Ott ('22) and Directed by Matthew Triplett ('22)

Buckets of Joy is a one-act play that will be performed during Whitman’s One Act Play Festival. The play is both dramatic and comedic. It is an experimental piece that explores the life of the main character Francis and her struggles with mental health, her body, anxiety, and technology.

We would love to have you!

What we are looking for!

We are looking to cast 7 actors for this show. Here are the roles that need to be filled. You can audition for Francis as well as a member of the Chorus.

Francis: The protagonist of the play is struggling with her mental health. Francis acts as the narrator of the piece, and the actor will guide the action as well as play Francis and the dissociated version of Francis. 

Requirements: A female-identifying actor of any ethnicity who is willing to memorize a lot of lines and is comfortable exploring themes of anxiety, body image, and sexuality. If you would like to audition for Francis we will have you read Side 1 and/or Side 2 (monologues). You will also read Side 3 with Lela.

Lela: One of France’s close college friends has two specific scenes with her.Very similar to Frances in demeanor, and someone who might not interject if Frances says something problematic.

Requirements: A female-identifying actor of any ethnicity. If you would like to audition for Lela we will have you read Side 2 with Francis.

The Chorus: Five actors who will be playing the people in Francis’ life. Every actor will play multiple roles.  

Requirements: Five actors of any gender identity or ethnicity. We are looking for actors who can play multiple distinct characters. If you would like to audition for the Chorus we will have you read Side 3 multiple times in different roles.

All Sides for Buckets of Joy will be attached at the end of the email.

Audition Sign up Link:

Timeline of production:


Auditions: Friday, January 21st

Rehearsals: January 24th - February 8th

Tech: February 9th - 12th

Dress: February 14th - 16th


Show Dates: February 17th, 8pm

                     February 18th, 8pm

                     February 19th, 2pm

                     February 19th, 8pm

                     February 20th, 2pm

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

We hope to see you there!

Covid Policy:

The production team of is requiring all actors cast in the show to be fully vaccinated (and provide appropriate verification to Whitman’s administration). Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions about this.

 We also may (depending on campus policy) be masking for the duration of rehearsals. We will be providing mask spacers for easier breathing to those cast. The stage management team is committed to collaborating closely with actors to ensure that they feel safe and supported during this period of transition into physical spaces.

 It is unknown as of now whether actors will be required to wear masks during performance. We will be chatting with those cast about our contingency plans during our first rehearsals.

Whitman College is further requiring all audience members to be masked AND fully vaccinated.