Sam Adler, Ryan Campeau, Sam Chapman, Theo Ciszewski, Madeleine Hale Elz Hambleton, Taia Handlin, Molly Emmett, Alex Hagen, Meredith Kretzler Florence LeBas, Evelyn Levine, Jake Lindsay, Tyler Schuh.

Production Staff

Producer: Kristen Kosmas, Stage Manager: Annie Szeliski, Lights: Stephen Toyofuku, Set: Greg Mitchell, Sound: Heather Gaya, Props: Mallory Martin, Deck Crew: Madeline Levy, Sarah Ann Wollett, Photographer: Allison Felt

Festival Band

Humans Being featuring: Maya Abramson on violin, Mark Glasionov on percussion, Jonas Myers on bass, Boris Sagal on mandolin, Robby Seager on percussion, Jessica Shatkin on flute, Eli Smith on guitar.

The Deities

by Sam Chapman

  • Directed by Rich Hinz
  • Actors: Lucas Barry, Nicky Khor, Anu Lingappa, Jacob O’Connor


by Sam Adler

  • Directed by Eli Zavatsky
  • Actors: Michael Blackwood, Matthew Fisher, Gillian Friedman, Ana Greeley

The Playroom

by Florence LeBas

  • Directed by Nancy Simon
  • Actors: Chris Bryson, Cindy Cheng, Evan Martin, Halley McCormick, Caroline Rensel

The 14

by Meredith Kretzler

  • Directed by Hensley Fradkin
  • Actors: Peter de Grasse, Maya Kozarsky, Gus Thomas, Carrie Walker, Eloise Willemsen

Child's Play

by Theo Ciszewski

  • Directed by Jeremy Kotler
  • Actors: Conor Austin, Rebecca Hanrahan, Lydia Kautsky, Mitchell Pascua, Caitlin Yoshina


by Elz Hambleton

  • Directed by Douglas Carlsen
  • Actors: Jenna Carr, Emily Krauss, Jeremy Mims, Jen Pope

The Body Om

by Taia Handlin

  • Directed by Jimmy Maize
  • Actors: Sam Gelband, Sabra Jaffe, Gabriella Luther, Colin Ogilvie, Em Tinkler

Nothing Less Than Crazy

by Molly Emmett

  • Directed by Caroline Rensel
  • Actors: Kathryn Bogley, Emily Krause, Alexandra Jordan

The Reading

by Alex Hagen

  • Directed by Jimmy Maize
  • Actors: Melissa Shaffer, MyKhanh Pham, Sam Gelband, Jen Pope

Dinner for Deaf Expressionists

by Tyler Schuh

  • Directed by Nancy Simon
  • Actors: Chris Bryson, Gus Thomas, Maikor Pereira, Maggie Holmes

Summer Reading

by Madeleine Hale

  • Directed by Jeremy Kotler
  • Actors: Haley Gadzik, Catherine Bayer, Rachel Rice

The Porch

by Jake Lindsay

  • Directed by Jeremy Howell
  • Actors: Lucas Barry, Morgan Dienst, Matthew Fisher, Margarita Pignataro

It's A Three Rign Circus

by Evelyn Levine

  • Directed by Rich Hinz
  • Gibson Collins, Lindsey Holdren, Nicky Khor

Fireworks in the Sky

by Ryan Campeau

  • Directed by Mari Cannon
  • Actors: Srija Sirja, Molly Knell, Kyle Scott, Hensley Fradkin

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