Killers, Priests, Sinners and Whores

by Jake Maxwell Kinstler

  • Cast: Trevor William Cushman, Talia Gottlieb, Riley Clubb; Director: Emily Fassler; Scenic Design: Trevor William Cushman; Light Design: Kirt Siders; Costume Design: Kristan Brown; Props Design: Max Friedlander-Moore; Sound Design: Erin Terrall; Stage Manager: Gabrielle Westcott.

Scenes on a Buss

by Anastasia Higham

  • Cast: Tricia Vanderbilt, Alex Cassidy, Ben Moore, Ari Rampy, Jordan Fitzgerald, Caitlin Goldie, Kevin Klein; Director: Rosie Brownlow; Scenic Design: Devin Petersen; Light Design: Nina Trotto; Costume Design: Olivia Johnson; Props Design: Zach Simonson; Sound Design: Erin Terrall; Stage Manager: Mackenzie Gerringer.

Sharp or Sharp?

by Mark Kennedy

  • Cast: Kevin Moore, Aisha Fukushima, Katherine Grace Harnois, Bryce McKay, Justis James Philips, Evan Aegerter; Director and Scenic Design: Ian Abbott Jagel; Light Design: Raisa Stebbins; Costume Design: Jea Alford and Isabelle Lemly; Props Design: Minnie Cluff; Sound Design: Peter Richards; Stage Manager: Keith Hock.

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