Saul Alinsky
Symposium, workshop and training

October 15, 16, 17, 2009

Featured Participants

  • David Alinsky - Saul Alinsky’s son (Boston)
  • Joe Chrastil - Lead Organizer, Sound Alliance (Seattle)
  • Dick Harmon -  Alinsky protégée and former Co-Director of the Industrial Areas Foundation Organizer Training Program (Portland).
  • Rev. Wim Mauldin - Lead Organizer, Spokane Alliance (Spokane)
  • Mark Santow - Professor, American History (U.Mass. Dartmouth)


In honor of the centennial of Saul Alinsky’s birth, Whitman College will host a 2½ day symposium for College and community members.  This special event will combine historical information, current relevance of community organizing, and practical training sessions in Alinsky’s organizing techniques for students and community members.

Alinsky at 100 is part of a national series of events at colleges and universities to remember and learn from Alinsky, his work and his legacy through the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) and other organizing programs.

For more information, please contact Noah Leavitt (

This symposium is part of a year-long series of events and dialogues devoted to Public Sociology held within the Sociology Department at Whitman College. It, along with other events in 2009-2010, is sponsored by a grant from Whitman's Innovation in Teaching and Learning Award Fund, the Provost/Dean of Faculty's Visiting Educator Fund, the Departments of Sociology and History, ASWC and the Whitman Events Board, the Blue Mountain Community Foundation, and with support from the National Organizers Alliance. Questions about any of these events can be addressed to Michelle Janning, Sociology Department Chair (